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The Right Way To Hang A Wall Painting At Your Home

Handmade abstract painting for your home

Have you ever walked into a house and been completely in awe at the way their interiors are designed? A well-designed home interior will have every piece of furniture to the wall art and pictures arranged in flattering positions, making it look like a place right out of a catalogue. Most people may find it easier to put their furniture together- by following a colour theme or a particular style. But when it comes to hanging wall paintings, it needs some thought.

Owning and displaying a special piece of art on the wall will speak volumes about yourself. For instance, if you are really into abstract paintings that are colourful and speak to your personality, it is a good idea to buy some and hang them around your house. But, there are a few things you should remember when it comes to hanging wall art like an oil painting. So in this blog, we will list out 6 things you should remember when hanging wall art.

  • Hang at eye level

The cardinal rule of hanging wall art is to hang it at eye level. Most people tend to hang artworks like oil painting much too high. It is a common misconception that hanging them above the eye level helps emphasize the work, which is not true. Most museums and galleries use the 57-inch standard as the average human eye height. This means that the centre of an art piece must be 57 inches from the floor. So, when hanging artwork, especially canvas oil paintings, ensure that they are hung at eye level so that they share a visual midline with all other interior elements of your home. Exceptions are given in case your room where you wish to hang a painting has a really low ceiling, or if you are hanging art above a sofa.

  • Aim for a balanced look

Before you buy art for your home, it is important to have a rough idea of the measurements of the room where you wish to hang it. Ensure that the painting is neither too large nor too small in relation to your sofa/ bed or other pieces of furniture. If you have an artwork that is a group of several pieces in different sizes, arrange them in such a way that the focal point remains at the centre of art. Use low adhesive tape to ensure consistent spacing between frames before hanging your paintings. 

  • Understand your space

Sometimes we see art that is way too small for space. While larger art pieces can be intimidating for your home, not to mention expensive, they must still be big enough to fill the space on the wall you are planning to decorate. So ensure that the orientation of your art aligns with your space.

  • Be artfully messy

If you have a collection with different sized art pieces, try a salon-style method of hanging. The salon-style method creates a crowd of paintings both complementing and juxtaposing one another. By placing the paintings in groups of different sizes next to and above each other, you can maximize your wall space. The salon-style is ideal for turning a single wall into stylized artwork.

  • Be daring with art placement

If you want to try something different, place your art pieces in unexpected places. For instance, many people are now trying floating wall shelves to display their collection as it provides a layered, multidimensional look to the art. You can also try propping a large painting against the wall instead of handing it to create a contemporary look.

  • Find the right frame

When you are planning to hang artwork, choose a frame that goes well with your interior. Whether you prefer contemporary monochromatic frames or antique-style ones, the right one can emphasise your wall art, adding personality and style to it. If your living space is large and has a high ceiling, you can even try a gallery wrap for your canvas oil painting.

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