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About Us


We are living in a terrifying, throw away world in which art plays a vital role to remind us to stop, breathe and appreciate what it is that makes us human.
"Art is a language meant to speak the things that can’t be said.” 
- John Demarco 

The moment a painting starts to take on a life of its own is completely magical. It becomes something so much more than the sum of all the many hundreds of marks it took to create. 

Reflect, remember, get inspired and evoke powerful emotions through art that adorn your living or work space. Let your walls express your inner language. Explore the finest museum quality curation of handmade paintings to enhance the aesthetic value of your space.

artecasso paintings
when we delivered few large size paintings at a clients residence.




Our Paintings Are Remarkably Durable

Just Follow the below care instructions.

  • The painting should ideally be displayed at eye level, unless the interior design means an above eye-level view is preferable. Avoid hanging the painting where people may bump into it. 
  • When hanging a painting on wall hooks, make sure that the wall hooks are driven into the wall studs for maximum stability. 
  • Dust your painting regularly to avoid a build-up of dust. Use a clean soft artist brush or lint cloth to clean the painting. 
  • Do not use dust cloths or feather dusters to avoid scratching or contaminating the painting with the cleaning material. 
  • Moisture may cause loss of paint so avoid using moist cloths.



Frame Types