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Resin Art - Your Next Statement Wall Art

Abstract geode resin wall arts using natural stones

Decorating your home can be exhilarating as well as intimidating. When it comes to finding the right furniture and decor for your home interiors, people often tend to stick to things that they are already familiar or comfortable with. While comfort is paramount when choosing furniture, you should have an open mindset to experiment with the decor elements. For instance, there are so many varieties of wall arts available in the market today. Luxury hand-made paintings, canvas prints, posters, fabric art, wooden art, mirrors, and resin art are some of the most popular ones that people choose to decorate their walls.

Of these, resin art is gaining the most popularity these days, all thanks to social media. Resin art has been around since the mid-1940s. But ever since resin artists started recording and sharing the videos of their beautiful creations through Tic Tok and Instagram, it has taken over the world of wall art by storm and became a trendsetter. 

While there are many variations within resin art, abstract geode resin wall arts using natural stones are considered high-end, luxury art pieces that can be set as a statement piece in your living room. In this blog, you will learn more about geode resin wall art and how to incorporate it into your home.

Let the walls do the talking

In interior designing, a wall is considered not only as an enhancer but as a perfect statement piece for any room. The right wall art acts as the focal point in the room for the visitors and helps guide their mood as you intend. Although handmade oil paintings are a classic favorite, you can go bold with your choice with a geode resin wall art for your living space.

So what is geode resin art? To understand more about this remarkable type of art, you need to know more about geodes.

Geodes are peculiar stone formations found within sedimentary or volcanic rocks, containing colorful minerals inside. The presence of minerals gives these natural geodes vibrant hues. When a geode is cracked open, it shows stunning crystals inside. 

By mimicking the nature of a natural geode, artists create resin geodes by adding colors, sparkles, crystals, and/or metallic paint to the resin. As resin itself is a chemical compound that has a hard, shiny finish when dried, along with the materials added to it. 

To create wall art, the resin artist starts by preparing a flat surface- usually a canvas or board. The image idea is outlined on the surface, after which the colored resin and stones are used to create abstract art. 

Geode resin wall arts made using natural stones like Agate, Amethyst cluster, and Himalayan Quartz are the epitome of luxuriousness. These alluring artworks depict remarkable ideas and are created with extreme precision, taking a lot of time to reach their completion. As a result, every geode resin wall art is unique, with no two pieces being the same. 

Where to find geode resin wall arts?

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