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Isles of Amphitrite
Isles of Amphitrite
Isles of Amphitrite
Isles of Amphitrite

Isles of Amphitrite

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About The Art


“Before the world knew the Olympians, the lush lands and the great seas belonged to the primordial deities. Of the ancient Gods, the Old Man of the Sea, Nereus, led a quiet peaceful life with his consort Doris and his dear daughters' Nereids and son Nerites. The sea nymphs' nereids embodied everything kind and beautiful about the sea. Amphitrite was one among them- the very personification of the sea.”


“A queen among the Nereids, Amphitrite was a sight to behold! When the Great Olympian and Lord of the sea, Poseidon beheld her, he wanted to make her his beloved. Alas, Amphitrite was scared and fled to Atlas, at the farthest ends of the sea. The Lord sent his trusted aid, Delphin the dolphin-shaped sea daemon, who sought her through the isles of the sea. On hearing praises of the Olympian God from Delphin, Amphitrite agreed to be his consort, thereby becoming the Queen of the Sea.”


This stunning wall art depicts the alluring isles (islands) of the sea, through which Delphin searched for Amphitrite. The artwork is created using original natural stones Agate, Amethyst cluster, and Himalayan Quartz on a wooden base, with layers of colored resin bordering the crystals. Experience the beauty and therapeutic energies of the natural stones embedded within this work by bringing this exquisite wall art to your home.

Dimensions: 80x60 cm
Theme: Abstract

Type:  Handmade resin and stones art
Quality: Premium Décor
Materials: Wood, Natural Stones, Epoxy Resin

This is 100% handmade and exclusive art, and not machine-made or mass-produced.


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Frequently Asked Questions.




1. Can I order a custom size? If yes, how long will it take for delivery?


Yes, you can order a custom size as per your interior. Our team can guide you in choosing the right size for your space. It will take 20 business days for the delivery of customized artworks.



2. How do I know the selected artwork suit my space?

You can contact us by call or WhatsApp and give us the approximate dimensions of the space along with a picture. Our team can provide you with mock-up images and make the right art purchase.



3. Can I order in a different colour? 

Yes, you can. Please let us know your colour preference and we can create a custom order for you in the required size.



4. Is the framing included in this price? Can I have more frame options? 

Yes, the framing is included. We can send you more frame options according to the painting you choose. Just WhatsApp us.



5. Is International shipping free?


Yes, international shipping is free for only rolled unframed paintings. Framed paintings incur extra shipping charges.

However framing and shipping is 100% FREE in the UAE.