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Your Personal Guide To Buying Art From Artecasso

handmade paintings from Artecasso


Buying wall art is an exciting prospect. However, many people find the online buying process slightly intimidating and may prefer to visit exhibitions to purchase them in person. While it may be easier to choose a handmade painting you like when you see and feel it, it may not be the only thing that may hold you back from investing in it. 

With online art curation becoming more commonplace, you may find and fall in love with a canvas painting or print on art company websites like ours. And when that happens, it is natural to have various questions and concerns regarding the buying process. In this article, we will guide you step by step through the process of buying wall art from us, to help you make a sound decision.


Artecasso: Who are we

We are an online art company specializing in museum-quality curation of handmade paintings and limited edition luxury canvas prints to enhance the aesthetic value of your space. Our network of artists and crew work together to deliver handcrafted masterpieces to your doorstep, as well as guide and assist you in achieving the beautiful living space you visualize. 

Our collection includes unique handmade oil paintings, affordable canvas prints, and 3d resin art. We customize and deliver these wall arts according to your needs and taste- from full-wall art pieces to gallery walls.

Buying from Artecasso

Buying art online can be confusing to art lovers. Whether you are a first-time buyer or not, here are a few things we offer to help you make an informed decision and buy it from us-

  • Our collection includes handmade canvas paintings, limited edition luxury canvas prints, and 3D resin art, ready to be delivered. Our handmade paintings are unique and are available in any size, with your frame of choice. Resin art pieces are also unique and available at selective sizes. Limited edition canvas prints are also available in multiple sizes and framed according to your wish.

  • Paintings or prints chosen from our existing collection will be packed and delivered throughout the UAE, within 2-10 days of ordering. Custom paintings will take around 14 days to complete. Pricing is all-inclusive, with no hidden charges.

  • As some standard sizing measurements are needed to choose the best artwork for your home or office, we offer free design consultation to utilize the wall space perfectly. Our crew will also help you choose the right wall art for your living space by creating mock-ups to give you a final look before making the purchase.

  • Want to customize your order? Talk to our team and let us know your color and size preference to create a custom order. You can also order custom sizes up to 4x2 meters according to your available wall space. 

  • On making a purchase, we will send you an order confirmation email. Paintings in our collection are framed to order, while custom paintings take up to 14 days for completion and framing. Once the quality check is complete, we carefully package your order and send it out for delivery.

  • Want to know when your order will reach you? Follow the link to track your order.

  • Got more questions? Here are some FAQs that can clear your concerns.

Buying art made easier

At our online art company, we want our customers to find unique and stunning canvas paintings and prints for their homes and workspaces that can elevate the beauty of the space. Our team of artists and crew work together to give you art pieces precisely as you want without added hassle. Are you interested in making a purchase? Check out our handpicked and carefully curated luxury paintings and prints to buy art online. Call or Whatsapp us on +971 54 346 0820 to know more.

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