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Turn Your House Into A Home With These Simple Steps

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What makes a house a home? Is it that safe, cozy, comfortable, and “lived-in” feeling you get every time you step in, or the way your home is set up, with your favorite furniture, gadgets, decors and wall art, or both? Your home is your temple- which is why it is important to fill it with things you love and memories you cherish.

In this blog, we will give you some simple ideas for giving that homely feel to your living space. Read on.

  • Give some love to your walls

Bare walls make your home look and feel empty. To bring some warmth to your home, choose beautiful artwork for your walls. There are different types of wall art that you can choose from, such as canvas paintings, canvas prints, posters, photographs, and resin artworks. Depending on your taste, you can choose one or more of these artworks to decorate your home. If you prefer a single statement piece to adorn your wall, you can opt for a more luxurious artwork such as a handmade canvas painting or a limited edition canvas print, to maintain a level of sophistication in your interiors. On the other hand, if your personality is best described as fun and free-spirited, switch things up by creating a gallery wall of paintings, prints, photographs, and other types of wall art. A mixed media salon-style gallery wall may be a bold step to elevate your interiors, but will nonetheless make it feel more like “home” if it’s something that suits your taste.

  • Work with layered comfort

When we think of the word comfort, our mind automatically brings up the image of a very soft bed or couch, with fluffy cushions, plush toys, blankets, and comforters. So to create that perfect, cozy feel for your home, give special attention to your bed and couch settings. Depending upon your taste, you can customize your bed/couch using fabrics of a neutral palette or opt for fun and funky prints that can jazz up the whole look. Do a quick search on the internet or Pinterest to find Insta-worthy color palettes and prints for your bed/sofa covers, pillowcases, and cushion covers.

  • Play with light and shadows

There is something romantic and nostalgic about dimmer switches. To be able to control the intensity of the lights in your home can help create a calm and cozy atmosphere, especially after your dinner, right before you hit the sack. If dimmer switches are not your cup of tea, you can always play with the idea of backlighting some shelves or hanging some fairy lights around your living space- anything that can give a soft glow or throw some unique shadows across the room.

  • Don’t forget the floors

Just as using wall art for your walls, your floors need some love too. Although your floors may have a lot of furniture legs crowding the space, adding a plush rug or a soft carpet in the right place can bring the whole room together. Neutral colored rugs and carpets can also divide the room without being too “visual” about it, making your rooms look bigger but without making them feel empty.

  • Less is more for a perfect home

While there are numerous ways to get that cozy comfortable look for your interiors, we recommend not making a lot of changes that may crowd up the whole room. Before you start buying up artwork, plushies, carpets, and what not to get the “homely” look, take a deep breath and analyze your space. Sometimes, you may only need to bring one or two changes to your existing space- such as painting a wall in pastel shade and hanging up a gorgeous abstract painting or replacing your angular chairs and tables with a sofa set and coffee table with curves and rounded edges. 

Openly embrace your existing environment before going ahead with any kind of revamp. This is your home- a place where you can relax and unwind without a care in the world. To make this more welcoming and comfortable, you may only require a few changes. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you feel like something is off, you can always go back and change it back. At the end of the day, your home is a reflection of your personality- perfectly imperfect.

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