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How Wall Art Transforms Your Interiors

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For some people, their house is just the place where they live. But for most of us, our house is more of a haven, where every little thing about the place keeps us happy, safe, and peaceful. From a simple couch and bed to the cute little painting you bought online all add up to make your house a place to live, love, and feel at home.

However, not many of us are aware of how our interiors look and feel. Although you may feel that the place looks fine and is functional, adding the interior elements will not only elevate the energy of the space but also makes it feel complete and more YOU! While many elements can make your space cozy, and comfortable, wall art presents you with one of the best design opportunities that can make or break your rooms. So, instead of making wall art an afterthought, how about giving it a more prominent role in your interior design plans and seeing the magic it brings to your living space. To help you get started, here are some simple ideas to work with-

  • Get an instant color palette for your space

When you think of bringing your room together, it’s quite normal to feel overwhelmed with numerous ideas. What paint will you choose for the walls? What color should your couch/chair cushions be? Should you get beige-colored curtains and call it a day or look for something more specific that suits the space?

If you are finding it near impossible to decide on a color palette for your room, start by finding a beautiful canvas painting or print that you would love to have over there. Once you find wall art that speaks to you, you can pick out two or three shades from the image and use them to paint the room and put together the different pieces of your furniture. Trust us when we say that the final result will blow your mind!

  • Create an artistic focal point

Every room needs a focal point. Ideally, this should be a single design element that instantly catches the eye of the viewer, but is not distracting enough to pull them away from the people and conversations in the house. 

To achieve this effect with ease, a great piece of wall art is the best call. The right painting or canvas print can easily sync into your interiors, hanging above the couch or creating a small gallery wall in your dining area. However, when choosing a wall art to be the focal point of the space, have a clear understanding of the available wall space. Generally, larger wall arts will look good even in a small space as long as there is enough wall space. But, it is best to stick to smaller ones in case you have a visibly crowded room with not enough wall space. If you are unsure how to proceed, you can reach out to our experts who will help evaluate your wall space and find the right handmade canvas painting/ canvas print that fits right into your home.

  • Add some texture to the room

Apart from creating a focal point for the room, wall art also brings some texture to an otherwise plain-looking room. Although your furniture is 3-dimensional, adding 2-dimensional wall art to the mix will create some depth to the room.

There is no other interior element that is as visually dynamic as wall art. Apart from creating texture, the right painting or print can instantly create and maintain the exact vibe you are hoping to bring into the space.

  • Give your rooms a classic finish

Have you noticed that most hotel rooms have wall art hanging right above the bed or mantel?

This is because nothing finishes a room as well as well-placed wall art. When you hang a painting or print on your wall, it helps the room look elegant and put together. Even if your room has the bare minimum furniture and is a little rough around the edges, bringing a wall into the mix will make the room look graceful and complete rather than just a functional space.

Buying wall art in the UAE

If wall art is the last piece of the jigsaw that will complete your new space, you have come to the right place. For handmade paintings and luxury canvas prints, you can now browse our collection, place an order online and get your favorite wall art delivered anywhere in the UAE. For assistance and custom orders, reach out to our art experts at Artecasso.

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