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How To Decorate Your Walls With Abstract Paintings Like A Pro?

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Most people find abstract art fascinating when in a gallery, but slightly intimidating when they think of bringing one home. Truth is, abstract art, especially paintings, is the most simple and versatile piece of art you can own without the help of a curator or professional interior decorator. 

Abstract paintings are undoubtedly stunning and can elevate any space- may it be your home or office. While art lovers find it easier to incorporate them into a professional setting, they are still wary of buying abstract art for their homes. However, nothing is overwhelming about abstract art. Abstract wall arts are simply creations that are open to interpretations from their viewers. No two people will have the same idea or feeling about an abstract painting; which is why having one at your home will give your guests a great conversation starter. 

In the words of Vincent Van Gogh, “Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul.” But what they mean will depend solely on the viewer’s connection with it. So to help you bring the best abstract wall art for your home and display it with panache, here are a few tips from our experts-

  • Go easy with neutrals

Abstracts come in many hues. Some are vibrant and showcase a lot of colors, while others are more minimal and subtle. If you are new to abstract art and want to integrate a painting into your space, opt for one in neutral shades to make a strong statement without being too loud. Look for art pieces with simple graphics or two-toned palettes to deliver a level of sophistication to your room without over-stimulating your vision.

  • Similar tones go together

Matching similar tones is a great way to make an abstract painting feel right at home in a room. If your home has a few accent colors, look for wall art in similar hues for your rooms. This will make your room feel more rich and polished.

  • Art sizing matters

Before you go and buy the first wall art you liked on a random scale, consider your room. If your room is large and spacious, you can always opt for a larger size for your painting or even go for a full wall painting. However, if the room you are looking to decorate is smaller, there are a few things to consider. Having a smaller space doesn’t immediately rule out having the opportunity to own larger wall art. However, you will need to have a designated wall space with nothing else obstructing the wall. Adding large wall art to a wall with no other decor or furniture blocking the view will create an illusion of having a larger room. But, if your room is small and already has a few different elements tying the place together, opt for a medium to small-sized abstract painting for your wall to not overtake the room.

  • Follow your heart

When it comes to decorating your home, you are the expert. No one else feels as comfortable as you in your private space, and that is why it needs your unique touch to make it feel more YOU. Be comfortable with the idea that your choice of abstract painting and your existing decor doesn’t have to coordinate to a T. As long as the wall art speaks to you and stands out, elevating the feel of the room, it’s all good to go.

Buy art online

Whether you are new to buying art or a total novice, buying art online is a great prospect. At Artecasso, we have a large collection of abstract paintings and prints in various sizes to suit your taste and available space with competitive pricing. Choose a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece from our selection of paintings and prints to get started on your journey of collecting abstract art. Visit our website today.

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