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Have You Found The Right Wall Art For Your Bedroom?

art for bedroom

Your bedroom is your haven at the end of a long day. It is a place to unwind, relax, have a little “me-time” or kindle romance with your partner. But, for all this to happen, your bedroom must have the right ambience. This is why it is important to choose the right kind of bedroom furniture, bedding, wall colour, and wall art

To bring in a sense of calm and comfort or a slightly playful, sensual vibe you need to choose your colour schemes and decors just right. The overall mood of your bedroom depends on every element in the room and its functionality. However, in this blog, we are limiting our discussion to bedroom wall art. 

Bedroom wall art- What’s the deal

When selecting wall art for your bedroom, there are a few finer points you need to consider. This is a room where everything centres around the bed. So, taking the many things that happen in your bedroom, your art must reflect the feelings you want to convey.

For instance, a bedroom may mean different things to different people. For a single man or woman, their bedroom is the place where they can be their true self and indulge in guilty pleasures- from a glass of wine and books to packets of chips and Netflix. But when you think of a child’s bedroom/nursery, it is a place where they play and have fun, before turning the lights off to go to sleep. Depending upon the resident of the bedroom, its function and mood change. This is why there is no clear cut answer to what kind of wall art fits best for a bedroom. 

Having said that, most bedrooms centre around 4 main themes. If your bedroom follows any of them, here are some pointers for you to choose your wall art-

  • Your safe place

For many people, the bedroom is the place they escape into after a long day. These people may even refrain from talking or thinking about things that worry them- like work and finances- in their bedroom. If you are a person who loves to keep your bedroom as an oasis to escape into, try oil paintings or canvas prints that convey that idea.

Landscapes or abstract paintings that feature shades of blue, green, brown and black all convey the idea of your bedroom being a safe space for you to relax and let loose. However, remember to avoid dramatic abstract pieces that grab a lot of attention. Avoid shades of red and pink or pastels on your wall as well as for the furniture so that every article in your bedroom, including the wall art sets the right tone for you to unwind and find peace.

  • Your fun place

For some people, a bedroom is a fun place. It could be the place where they like to spend time reading or watching videos on their laptop. Or it could be the place where they spend time as a family, rolling on the bed, having a pillow fight or making a fort out of it with their partner and children. 

As fun can be defined in many ways, so does the idea behind a suitable wall art for such bedrooms. Joyful, vibrant images, like a flower field or a dusky sky, are a great fit for such rooms. For your children’s room, you can try canvas prints of their favourite characters. Whether it’s your master bedroom or your children’s room, if playfulness is your theme, try pastel shades for the walls. The lighter toned walls, along with your chosen piece of wall art will turn your bedroom into a fun, magical place!

  • Your cave of peace

Is your bedroom the one place in the world where you can truly let go of your worries and find peace? If so, make it a point to keep the decor, including the wall art minimal and subtle.

To turn your bedroom into a tranquil place that is quiet and serene, opt for traditional images like gardens, ocean views or landscapes. You can also look for monotone abstract art that goes well with your bedroom decor. However, to maintain the peaceful vibe of your bedroom, avoid loud and vibrant colours on the walls as well as on the bed and other furniture. Carefully choose accents of white, ivory, brown, grey and green for your minimalistic bedroom to maintain its quietude. 

  • Your place of passion

Is the bedroom a place only for you, your partner and the love that you share? Then think of colours and textures that offer a sense of passion and sensuality for your bed, walls and furniture. Shades of red, with a hint of black and brown, are often associated with passion and are a great choice for your bedroom interiors, including wall arts. 

When choosing wall art, think of abstract paintings that evoke the feeling of love and desire. You can also specifically choose canvas prints or poster prints of an image that reminds you of the love and attraction you feel for your partner. But remember to keep the aesthetics classy, especially if your bedroom is open to guests or children in the house.

Apart from the above themes, some people use their bedrooms for multiple purposes. With working from home becoming the new norm in this post-covid era, many bedrooms have turned into temporary workstations. In such cases, it is important to keep the bedroom decor, including wall art to be classy and minimal. Abstract art pieces are wonderful additions to such multipurpose bedrooms.

Size and placement of your wall art

When it comes to your bedroom, the ideal place for hanging the wall art is at eye level, directly above the bed or on the opposite wall. While you can install an art series, it is better to keep the number of pieces to a minimum as it can be too visually stimulating. As the bedroom is a closed off space with several large furniture and fixtures like bed, side tables, side sofa (in some cases), wardrobe, chest of drawers and mirrors, adding more than a few wall art will clutter up space.

Where to get your wall art?

Not sure what you are looking for? If you want some inspiration and ideas to find the perfect wall art for your bedroom, browse our collection of abstract paintings and canvas prints. You can also get custom luxury canvas prints from us, which is perfectly suited for your bedroom. Check out our website today and invest in a piece of art that calls out to you!

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