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Brighten Your Kitchen Walls With Fine Art

Wall Art for kitchen


It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Your kitchen is not just the place you cook meals for your family, but it’s also a space for everyone to come together, mealtime or not. This is especially true if you have an open kitchen with an island, as it is a great place for families to sit around, talk, and even partake in fun games and activities.

Since the kitchen holds so much importance in your everyday life, why not add a touch of art to this space? If the idea of introducing wall art to your kitchen is fairly new to you, here are some inspiring ideas to help you take the next step.

Wall art for kitchen

Unlike popular belief, you don’t have to play safe or find second-tier artwork for your kitchen. Although there are indeed locations in this space that are not exactly ideal for a painting to be hung, don’t limit yourself when identifying a wall space and choosing a piece of art for your kitchen.

Interior experts ideally recommend staying away from any type of glass framed art as it may get greasy when hung in the kitchen. However, there are kinds of wall art that could change the dynamics of your kitchen through the juxtaposition of textures. In that sense, handmade canvas paintings or limited edition canvas prints are wonderful choices of fine art that can be safely introduced in a kitchen to create a seamless visual treat. You can also mix and match other kinds of wall arts to create a fresh and fun vibe for your kitchen, without overwhelming the sanctity of the space.

When placing wall art in your kitchen, ensure that it is at a good vantage point away from the cooking fumes. Additionally, keep the art at eye level so that everyone who enters the space gets a good view of the art piece and can enjoy it as well. 

To help you choose the best wall art for your kitchen, here are some recommendations from our experts-

Landscape paintings are a great choice for your kitchen. If your kitchen doesn’t have the luxury of a large window and a splendid view, the right kind of landscape painting can open a door to a different world. A pretty scenery of a garden in full bloom or a sunny beachside may transport you to another world as you sip your coffee at the dining table and unwind.

Abstract paintings featuring vibrant hues can also be a fun addition to a kitchen wall. Not only will they add a pop of color to the walls, but also bring energy and excitement which becomes the very essence of your kitchen.

Food-inspired wall art is another tasteful choice for your kitchen. There are many different kinds of wall art pieces in this genre that you can choose from. You can choose something like a handmade canvas painting featuring a bowl of fruits, or a custom canvas print featuring animated foods and funny quotes. 

Wooden plaques are another kind of wall art that goes well in a kitchen setting. Wooden plaques give a rustic feel to the space and can either be wall art or can be placed on a floating shelf or mantle for some added texture.

Vintage china and cutlery can be turned into quirky wall art with some thought and effort. Bring together a few old and odd china and cutlery and fix them aboard. You can hang this wonderfully put-together wall art or even place it on a floating shelf anywhere in the kitchen.

If fine art is not to your taste, you can even dedicate a corner of your kitchen to homemade crafts. Drawings by your children, patchwork tapestry, or even a chalkboard drawing are an interesting addition to your kitchen space.

There you have it- 6 fun wall art ideas for your kitchen. So are you ready to get started?

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