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Abstract Paintings: Does It Grow On You?

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For many people out there, abstract paintings are mysterious and even a little intimidating. The seemingly pointless brush strokes and a splash of colors may look confusing at first, but with a little time and effort, an
abstract painting can charm you.

Abstract art as a whole can be considered as a different language of art. If you dig deeper, it may seem more universal than what people realize. While abstract art is not limited to paintings, the paintings are much more accessible and easier to understand. As artists create abstract paintings guided by their ideas and emotions, no two paintings are the same. This is one of the most beautiful things about abstract art.

So, do people like abstract art? Does it grow on you with time?

In this blog, we will learn more about understanding and appreciating abstract paintings, before you bring a few home.

Learning to love abstract art

Freedom of expression is the core ideology behind abstract creations. There are no rules to abstract art, which is why this is the best “language” to depict the intangible. Artists try to capture the reflection of emotion, experience, person, or place, just as they perceive it. At the same time, an abstract painting is open for interpretations, allowing the viewer to form his or her thoughts about it.

The beauty of abstract art is in the eye of the beholder. A finely crafted abstract painting can be whatever the viewer wants it to be. So here are some pointers to appreciate an abstract work of art-

  • Think of the painting as a person
  • People are multifaceted. So is an abstract painting. When an artist creates a painting, he or she will be in a particular mindset, which they try to capture through their art. To make things easier for you, think of an abstract painting as a person, with its personality, reflecting the very thoughts and ideas of its creator.

  • Experience it rather than seeing it
  • You cannot simply ‘see’ an abstract art, rather experience it. It’s like listening to music. Indulge in the feeling it invokes in you. Carefully examine every color, every stroke on the canvas, and try to understand what it is trying to convey.

  • Keep an open mind
  • You simply cannot understand or enjoy an abstract painting if you are skeptical about it. Abstract art cannot be ‘judged’ the same way a photo-realism artwork is judged as the latter closely resembles reality. Abstract artworks want you to use your imagination instead of being critical and analytic about it. So think big and wide. 

  • Not every abstract art will be your cup of tea
  • Accept it when you don’t like art. There is nothing offensive about not resonating with the ideas depicted in a painting. At the end of the day, we are all entitled to have our own opinions, likes, and dislikes about works of art.

  • Accept the absurdity
  • Have you seen paintings made by children? Oftentimes, their paintings are pointless. In a way, children are maestros of abstract paintings. To truly appreciate an abstract painting, you have to embrace its absurdity. Don’t judge the art solely based on the colors, texture, and complexity as most of the time, the idea behind abstract art is to simply give in to the emotion behind the work rather than the work itself.

    Hope these tips help you understand abstract art better!

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