Falcon & Oryx | Handmade Canvas Painting
Falcon & Oryx | Handmade Canvas Painting
Falcon & Oryx | Handmade Canvas Painting
Falcon & Oryx | Handmade Canvas Painting

Falcon & Oryx | Handmade Canvas Painting

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Original Handmade Painting. Only 1 unit each in stock. 


About The Painting:


With perseverance, effort and sincerity, one can absolutely manifest reality from their dreams, and the United Arab Emirates has proven through and through that this is possible. A country that came together only a short 50 years ago has shown monumental growth and is still showing tremendous potential. This year does not just mark the fiftieth anniversary of the formation of the country, it celebrates growth, inspiration, and the remarkable journey the country has been on while realising it’s dreams and preparing for a brighter and stronger future.

H. H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE announced 2021, as the ‘Year of the 50th’ to commemorate UAE’s golden jubilee. As a toast to this year before welcoming the new year and a plethora of new achievements, the artist, Lakshmi Vakkalanka, has created a series of 50 artworks to showcase the heritage and the development of the nation. This impressive collection leaves us all inspired by the accomplishments, giving us a redefined anticipation for a brighter future.



Falconry has played a crucial part in the history of the UAE, especially in hunting. Falcons are majestic, strong, fast fliers with great aerial agility, and are a symbol of force and courage, giving them the fitting crown of the national bird of UAE.

Known for its endurance and grace, this species was almost hunted into extinction but is thriving today, thanks to captive breeding and reintroduction programmes by the UAE. The oryx was aptly declared as the national animal of the UAE.


The 2 artworks form the perfect gallery wall and light up your space. 

Dimensions: 80x100 cm
Theme: Abstract

Type:  Hand-painted
Quality: Premium Décor
Materials: Canvas, Wood
Medium: Acrylic Mixed media 

This is a 100% handmade painting, and not a print or canvas transfer.


What Happens Next After You Place The Order?

1. We will send you an order confirmation by email.
2. The painting is collected from the artist.
3. Your painting goes for framing
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Frame Types

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Frequently Asked Questions.




1. Can I order a custom size? If yes, how long will it take for delivery?


Yes, you can order a custom size up to 4×2 metres. Our team can guide you in choosing the right size as per your space. It will take 3-4 weeks time for the delivery of customized arkworks.



2. How do I know this artwork size fits my space?

You can contact us by call or WhatsApp and give us the approximate dimensions of the space along with a picture. Our team can provide you with mock-ups so that you can understand the proportions and make the right art purchase.



3. Can I order in a different colour? 

Yes, you can. Please let us know your colour preference and we can create a custom order for you in the required size.



4. Is the framing included in this price? Can I have more frame options? 

Yes, the framing is included. We can send you more frame options according to the painting you choose. Just WhatsApp us.