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What type of art is suitable for a minimalistic home?

Abstract Art For Your Minimal Space


Minimalism in design is based on the idea of bringing down design elements down to their fundamental essences, expressing just what’s essential. Fans of minimalism, therefore, avoid anything excessive and unnecessary, whether it is the decor elements in their homes or their sense of style. Minimalistic homes, for instance, rely only on solid colors, geometrical shapes, simple forms, and functions, to create a space that has minimal clutter and provides a sense of calm.

Typically, minimalistic interiors have the bare minimum amount of furniture required for comfortable living. They also have zero clutter with furniture doubling up as storage, a clean and bare floor with a single rug at the center, very few decor elements like a statement wall art, and a simple color scheme, usually in muted tones.

As minimalism is an epitome of simple, uncomplicated living, finding the right wall art to go into a minimalist living space can be a bit of a headache. To help you out, our experts discuss how to choose art for your minimalist interiors.

Choosing art for minimalist interiors

Many minimalism lovers refrain from displaying wall arts in their homes as they feel it may disrupt the look and feel of their space. By definition, a minimalist interior may not have ( and don’t need) many artworks on the walls. So, selecting the right ones that suit the interiors becomes even more important. A single statement wall art like a handmade painting or a luxury canvas print in the right color palette can provide a much-needed focal point in a minimalist home. Depending upon the layout of your space and the existing interior elements, you can choose anything between a large canvas painting or a relatively smaller one with a simple frame.

If you are struggling to find the right art to go up the bare walls in your minimalist home, here are some ideas you can try-

  • A pop of color

Although minimalism follows a neutral color palette to keep the clean and spacious aesthetics of the room, a pop of color might just elevate the whole look without being too disruptive. Bright abstract paintings featuring repetitive designs will stand out and liven up a minimalist space while maintaining the vibe of your home.

  • Textured paintings

If colors are not your game, you can always go for wall arts in soothing neutral tones. To bring out the best of such artworks, choose textured pieces to bring some dynamics to the minimalist space. Combined with other accessories such as rugs and throw pillows, your minimalist interiors will have some textured variation throughout in your home chosen color palette.

  • Geometric shapes to grab attention

Wall arts featuring simple geometric shapes give an edge to your interiors. You can choose paintings/ canvas prints in pastel palettes with geometric shapes or line art to add some fun to an otherwise neutral room.

  • Wall arts with character

If you are feeling bold, you can look for wall art with dimension. Consider getting artworks featuring geometric works and some texture or haphazard brush strokes in an undertone that adds some depth to the artwork.

Like a true minimalist, look for quality rather than quantity. Choose a single statement painting for your living room or a few sharp artworks for your bedrooms that can add some dynamics to your space while keeping the minimalist nature.

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