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Wall Arts For Your Home According To Vastu Shastra

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A house with beautiful paintings is always a sight for sore eyes. So it is safe to say that while every one of us may have a vision for our living space, it will be complemented by introducing unique and quality canvas paintings or prints into it. Decorating your walls with artworks not only increases the aesthetics of your home, but also soothes your body, mind, and soul. As there are no specific ways for you to introduce wall art into your home, some people tend to follow ancient sciences such as Vastu or feng shui. If you want to follow Vastu Shastra for hanging wall art for your home, read on-

Understanding Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra or the “science of architecture” texts are based on traditional Indian architecture systems. Vastu shastra covers the principles of design, layout, measurements, spatial geometry, and arrangements. Most ancient Hindu temples in India are built according to the Vastu shastra. Today, many modern homeowners depend on the principles of this ancient science.

As hanging artworks are one of the most common means of decorating home interiors throughout the world, the Vastu Shastra also has relevant literature on the subject. According to Vastu experts, selecting and hanging the right paintings in your home will help with the flow of positive energy, bringing happiness and prosperity to the space. In this article, we will discuss 8 ways in which Vastu recommends bringing paintings to your home. 

How to select and hang wall art according to Vastu

  • When selecting handmade paintings or canvas prints for your home, you should consider artworks that depict positive messages and imagery. 
  • Depending upon the open wall space and the room you are looking to decorate, here are some common suggestions according to Vastu shastra. Paintings having blue as the most significant hue in them should be placed on a north-facing wall. On the other hand, sceneries showcasing a lush flora, shining sun and clear skies must make room in the South-East portion of your home.
  • To bring joy into your living space, place an artwork featuring green or similar hues on the Eastern wall. For a better flow of positive energy, paintings of raising run can be hung on the Eastern side of your home. On the other hand, shades of red and orange are more dynamic and are better suited for the South portion of the house. For a children's room, blue, pink, or purple are the best-suited color.
  • Paintings or prints in white, off-white, and beige shades can be used anywhere in your home as they are very neutral.
  • For living rooms or lobby, paintings of running water such as waterfall or fountain and ocean views can be picked. However, these must be avoided in bedrooms.
  • Bedrooms, especially those of a newlywed couple can have artworks favoring shades of pink.
  • Just as paintings of the rising sun bring in positivity, luck, and fortune, hanging paintings of flying birds in your home is believed to improve your finances. For good health, green-colored paintings are considered auspicious.
  • While positive imagery can bring a lot of benefits to your space, placing paintings or prints featuring unpleasant images causes the negative energy to build up in your home. Paintings of ruins, walls, ponds, weapons, fights, etc must be avoided for your home as they infuse sorrow and negativity in your home.

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