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Vibe Check: How To Choose Artworks In Shades Of Red

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Red is a color that is invigorating as well as intimidating for many. Red and its many shades are often decadent, sometimes indulgent, and almost always associated with symbols of love, passion, and romance. 

According to color psychology, Red is the color of heightened emotion, strength, and power. In some ways, you can think of red as the opposite of blue. While blue is about calm and tranquillity, red is more about a physical and emotional stimulant. The most amazing thing about this color is that, however you perceive it, it’s never boring. 

So how do you bring the beauty, vitality, and versatility of red into your home? In this blog, we will learn how to incorporate artworks featuring shades of red into your living space. 

Embrace the energy of red

Red is a bold and daring hue that inspires excitement and action. At the same time, it also symbolizes warning, danger, and aggression. While the color is generally associated with extremes and heightened emotions, using red design elements for your interiors such as wall art can bring vibrant and positive energy into your home when used in moderation.

Centuries ago, red color was produced through complex procedures by alchemists making it a luxurious hue symbolizing wealth and status. Similar to purple, red clothes and accessories were also widely used by royalty. This is why old portrait paintings of royalties feature them adorning red capes and dresses.

Today, red is a widely available and used color. Artists use red and other hues in the spectrum to beautifully capture the essence of many things in nature- the blood-red roses, the peak of autumn, the robust redness of apples, and the sky at dusk. Likewise, artists also widely use red in abstract paintings, wonderfully utilizing its boldness to signify their chosen theme. 

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A Journey Through Transition

With that said, when it comes to making a statement with canvas paintings or prints featuring red, you must be a tad bit careful. Depending on how many colors you’re planning to introduce into your interiors through wall art, you can choose a painting in shades of red or a combination of red with blues or other colors. The dynamic nature of red is often toned down when used sparsely with blue. This heavenly combination unites the best of both colors, giving you magical artworks that can blend right into the settings of any modern home.

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Chariot Of White Night

The striking characteristic of red and its many shades are also used to depict bravery, revolutionary ideals, and social, academic, and cultural movements such as feminism. As a sign of empowerment, red-toned artworks are ideal for contemporary homes that are looking to make a bold statement.

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Iyoba-Her Warriors

Last but not the least, red is the color of love, passion, and desire. It is the color of warm blush and a beating heart. Shades of red are often used by artists to depict the various stages of love and relationships- from tender love to passion and even betrayal. 


Finding the balance

Red is a unique color that can breathe life and energy into your living space. Combining wall arts featuring red with cooler-toned interior elements is a great way to get a balanced aesthetic. As a visually stimulating color, we recommend placing red wall art in spaces where there is a lot of activity rather than at a quiet corner in your home or office space.

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