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Top 5 Tips To Care For Your Canvas Paintings

Artecasso paintings for saleBuying fine art for your home is an exciting prospect. The right canvas paintings can elevate your rooms and bring out their beauty in all its glory. While the search for your perfect wall art and buying them is a fun process, many times people forget to ask the sellers or their art consultants how to care for these canvas paintings.

Caring for canvas paintings is not as tough as most people would think. Even so, there are a few things to be kept in mind when displaying or storing museum-quality canvas paintings to maintain their shine and beauty. In this blog, we will look into the top 5 tips to care for your canvas paintings as recommended by our art consultants-

Protecting Your Fine Art: What you should know

If properly cared for, canvas paintings can last decades without any damage. Here is what you should do-

  •  Keep the artwork away from direct sunlight

Canvas paintings will look a million bucks with good lighting. However, avoid hanging them directly across a window or any place where they could be exposed to sunlight. Although most artworks come with a UV-resistant protective layer, constant exposure to the sun’s rays can cause the colors on the painting to fade over time. 

To ensure that your paintings are highlighted, you can use spotlights or other indoor lighting solutions that leave the room in a soft ambient glow.

  • Choose a cool and drywall space

When hanging canvas paintings, you must always choose a cool and drywall space that is away from heat and humidity to maintain the artwork properly. Excess heat can cause the canvas to expand, or shrink, while moisture may promote mold formation on the canvas and damage the painting. So, it is best to avoid hot and humid locations such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements for hanging your wall art.

Ideally, your canvas artwork should be hung in a space with good air circulation. This not only reduces the chances of heat and humidity damage but also helps you keep the canvas clean and dry at times.

  • Learn the proper cleaning methods

Improper cleaning routines can damage your artwork and reduce its lifespan. To maintain your canvas paintings effectively, start by cleaning the dust off using a feather duster or a linen cloth. You can slightly dampen the cloth while cleaning particularly tough dust particles to avoid scratching off the paint. However, ensure that the cloth is not too wet as it can damage the painting and cause the canvas to become wet and moldy in the long run.

  • Keep away from chemical cleaners

Standard chemical cleaners you use in your household including bleach, detergents, and dish soaps are not suitable for cleaning canvas paintings. The chemicals in these products can break the protective coating over the artwork and cause the ink to bleed or become blurry.

If your wall art happens to get stained or collected far too much dust, it is best to call a professional cleaning service to help you clean and maintain your artwork.

  • Be mindful about storage and moving your wall art

Canvas wall art is not as fragile as you may believe. But they still need to be properly moved or stored. Before moving or storing, ensure that all of your canvas paintings are separated and carefully wrapped in acid-free paper that is either archival-grade, conservation-grade, or “museum-grade. This prevents the artwork from getting scratched while moving. Additionally, you can wrap each individual painting in a layer of bubble wrap. However, make sure that you don’t trap any moisture between the layers.

When storing your canvas paintings, store them away in a temperature-controlled room or storage facility. Avoid storing your wall art in the basement where it gets too warm and humid. Additionally, always keep your artwork at a height, on top of a shelf if possible, to eliminate the chances of the paintings getting wet or damaged during waterlogging or flash floods. 

Unframed canvas paintings can be covered using silicone release paper and then wrapped securely. You can also use a piece of hardboard to protect the painting better.

All you need to know about wall art

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