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The Feng Shui Way Of Hanging Wall Art In Your Home

The Feng Shui Way Of Hanging Wall Art In Your Home


Are you familiar with Feng shui? This ancient science from China identifies and uses energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surroundings. The term ‘Feng Shui' literally translates as “wind-water” in English. Like the name itself, this traditional practice finds connections between the elements in our environment and utilizes their abilities to better orient buildings. From spiritually significant structures like tombs and temples to our homes and offices, the concept of feng shui is used by many to improve the energy flow in these buildings.

So, is there a feng shui way to hand wall art in your home? Will it raise the positive vibrations and energy in your home? Although choosing art, especially handmade oil paintings is a very intimate process, finding wall arts that fit your style without disrupting your home’s energy flow takes some time and thinking.

Feng shui and art

When you bring art into your home, you are essentially introducing creative energy into the household. The right art can enhance the energy in your home and thereby impact every aspect of your living. So how do you choose the right art according to Feng shui? How do the colors, size, shape, and subject of the canvas painting or print matter the overall feeling of your home according to this ancient practice?

To help you choose the right kind of wall art for your living space, here are a few pointers:

  • According to the principles of feng shui, the life force energy or Qi must be able to flow freely within your home. For that, your home mustn't be cluttered with furniture or decor. The same rule applies to wall art as well. So you mustn’t need to cover every wall of your home with paintings, canvas prints, or posters. Find a few art pieces that can be placed sparsely without disrupting the flow of energy.

  • Instead of just focusing on the rooms such as the living room or bedroom, think about introducing wall art to places like hallways or a dedicated study. If you have a narrow hallway, putting up one or two paintings or prints along the way will slow down the flow of Qi and restore balance to the home. However, ensure that the wall arts you choose are not too big as they can completely block the flow of energy. 

  • When choosing artworks, ensure that the piece is right for the space on the wall. Ensure that the wall art is not too small for the space you have in mind. According to feng shui, an art that is too small for the wall space will create the feeling that something is missing in your life. If you are not sure as to what fits your desired wall space, you can try arranging different sizes and do a saloon-style gallery. Mixing different artistic styles by using multiple mediums and frames will increase the dynamic energy according to feng shui, which is great for your home. Moreover, such an arrangement gives your space a funky vibe and unexpected look that is not just creative but helps put things in a different perspective for you every time you feel stuck.

  • So what type of painting or print fits different parts of your room? While feng shui allows you the freedom to choose a painting or image of your choice- be it scenery, abstract, photographs, or graphic designs- certain pieces of wall art must be avoided for good Qi balance. For instance, a portrait of a gloomy person or lonely-looking people must be avoided, especially in the bedroom. Likewise, family photos are also a big no for bedrooms as they may appear to be staring at you and cause anxiety, worry, or lack of focus. Additionally, you must avoid violent images of any kind as it causes energy blockages.

  • Abstract paintings are a great way to introduce dynamic energy into your home. If your home has neutral tones all over, adding a pop of color with abstract art can get the energy moving without causing it to stay stagnant. For instance, shades of yellow (happiness and nourishment), red (passion, romance, and courage), green (health and growth), and blue (peace and tranquility) are great colors for your home to enhance the good vibrations and increase the Qi in your home. So choose abstract art accordingly to increase a particular kind of energy in your home!

Embrace your wall arts

With all that said, choosing art is ultimately a personal thing. Whatever art you choose to bring home, ensure that it resonates with you. If you love looking at art and it makes you feel happy, supported, or purposeful or any other positive feelings, you can add it to your collection and buy it. Keep the above pointers in mind to enhance the overall energy of your home and keep it flowing, which will in turn ease your life.

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