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Spruce Up Your Office Space With Art

Abstract painting for office


The new year is just around the corner which is a great reason to spruce up your office! With most people back to working full time from their office workstations, a few positive changes around the communal workstations will boost your employee morale and help you impress your clients. So how about adding a few quirky wall arts to liven up the bare walls? 

We think that a classy abstract painting or a limited edition canvas print will jazz up your office and put anyone who walks into the space in better spirits. Wondering how to choose fun, yet “workplace-appropriate” wall art for your office? Here are a few tips to do it right-

  • Choose warm and bright colors

Very often, office spaces are quite dull, with bare neutral-colored walls and furniture. Add the harsh overhead lighting to this space and many offices resemble hospital corridors!

To revive your office space from this cold formal look, introduce warm and vibrant paintings or prints onto the walls. Bright colors can energize and lift people's moods, which will work great with your clients and employees. Abstract paintings featuring warm colors in the red, orange, and yellow families are a great choice for office spaces, creating a sense of joy and dynamic energy. If you want, you can also add a few indoor plants to balance out the overall effect of adding a pop of color to your office walls.

  • Go for statement wall art pieces

While gallery walls are a fun choice for homes, your office walls may look too crowded and distracting if you go for one. Instead, go for large statement paintings that add an edge to your workplace. Although abstract paintings are a go-to choice for statement wall art, you can opt for stunning scenery to adorn the wall. Your staff would also love the feeling of being whisked away into a sunset scene on the beach or the countryside during their breaks.

You can also consider a set of two paintings to bring in the feel or a gallery wall, without crowding the wall.

  • Improvise according to the space

Wall art doesn’t always have to be on the wall. Yes, you heard it right! If you feel bold enough, you can add a floating shelf or utilize an existing cabinet top to place your chosen handmade painting or canvas print. You can also club your wall art with other decor objects. How about keeping a long vase with faux pampas grass next to a neat abstract art in your lobby? Check with your interior decorator for more ideas that will help keep things interesting in your office space.

  • Find a piece that resonates with you

Any art you buy for your office space will eventually be part of your brand. So, make sure that you don’t do an impulsive purchase that you may regret later.

Browse different art collections, including online vendors like us to see what you like and what you think will resonate with your brand. We understand that you may already have something in your mind for your office space, which may be difficult to find in existing collections. In that, you can also go for a custom handmade painting or canvas print that is made to order and unique to your office. 

  • Buy from local artists

Whether you are a small firm or a multinational company with a branch here in the UAE, having art inspired and created by local artists in your office is nothing short of a wise investment. Buying art from local artists will help you connect with the country you operate in, as well as add a great backstory to your chosen wall art.


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