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Reviving Your Interiors With Pantone’s Colour Of The Year 2022


It’s almost six months since Pantone announced the new color of the year for 2022- Very Peri 17-3938. The Pantone Color Institute’s color of the year saves countless hours of research for businesses looking to utilize and incorporate the most trending hue into their business. Although the primary purpose of the color of the year is to be used for marketing and product creation, today interior designers also look out for these trending shades so that they can work around them and bring something fresh and unique to their clients. 

From painting the walls to getting custom wall art, here are a few ways to spice up your home or office interiors with this year’s Very Peri shade.

The essence of Very Peri

Very Peri belongs to the blue family, with red and violet undertones. This gorgeous hue is closely related to lavender, which is why you can see a hint of Very Peri in the vivid hues covering lavender fields. This violet-infused blue is meant to enhance creativity and give off a lively vibe and attitude.

To help interior decorators find the best colors that work harmoniously with Very Peri, Pantone’s experts shared some palettes-

  • A balancing act” is a palette featuring muted tones such as Lotus, Dried Moss, and Granite Green that complement Very Peri to create cheerful and vibrant spaces.
  • Wellspring” focuses on nature-inspired color palettes that combine fresh shades such as Egg Shell Blue, Celery, Tree Top, and Foliage with Very Peri that can be used to design holistic spaces with peaceful and tranquil vibes.
  • The star of the show” is a palette reserved for creating bold accents that are sophisticated, elegant, and timeless. The palette features neutrals such as White Sand, Petrified Oak, Deep Taupe, etc, which goes very well with Very Peri to create a classic setting.
  • Amusements” is a playful palette that features shades of pink that go hand in hand with Very Peri. This palette showcases tones such as Fuschia Pink, Paradise Pink, Tawny Orange, etc, that have spontaneous and dynamic energy that’s exciting and refreshing.

Bringing Very Peri to your space

There are multiple ways to incorporate this lovely shade into your home or office interiors. Here are some of them-

  • Accent wall: Instead of painting all the walls in your home, you can select an open wall space to feature this shade. An accent wall in Very Peri will add personality and a dynamic vibe to your space. You can opt for a solid colored wall, or use wallpaper/ textured paint to give some depth to the accent wall. 

  • Custom wall art: Customised wall art, especially handmade canvas paintings or prints may cost a few bucks more than you expected, but is so much worth it. At Artecasso, we commission artworks to suit your interiors. So drop in a word to get a stunning canvas print or a custom canvas painting featuring Veri Peri.

  • Cushion covers: If your couch color matches a shade from one of the color combination palettes discussed above, you can do a quick-fix interior refresh by getting cushion covers in Very Peri. Change the covers of your throw cushions and get a unique look for your living space/ office reception.

  • Fresh flowers: To prepare your home or office for special events, you can always order fresh flowers that cover the spectrum Very Peri falls into. You can adorn the space with flowers such as lavender, the purpletop vervain, clematis multi blue, great lobelia or nemesia denim blue for a pop of natural hues.

Tips to introduce wall art on a Very Peri Wall

Since Veri Peri is a fresh take on a dynamic periwinkle blue hue featuring a subtle violet-red undertone, it may be hard to find handcrafted canvas paintings in the exact shade. However, for those of you who fell in love with this beautiful color, one of the best ways to incorporate it into your home interiors is by painting an accent wall. But, having an accent wall in this color alone may not give you the complete look and vibe you are aiming for. 

To get the best out of a Very Peri wall, you need to find artworks that complement this lively shade. Check out the recommended palettes that go well with the color and try to visualize the mood set by each of these color combinations. The easiest way to elevate a Very Peri accent wall setting is by hanging abstract paintings featuring any of the recommended color combinations. Check out our latest collection of canvas prints and paintings online to pick out artworks that go well with Very Peri.

There are many more ways to introduce the Pantone color of the year to your interiors. Mix and match trinkets and decor pieces from the color palettes and see what works for your space. For unique handmade canvas paintings and luxury canvas prints that fit into your Very Peri setting, browse our collection at Artecasso and make a purchase. For custom prints and commissioned orders, contact us today.

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