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Nature Inspired Artworks From Our Collection To Refresh Your Interiors

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Every June, we are once again reminded of the need to be environmentally conscious, encouraging us to make sustainable lifestyle choices. As 2022 marked the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Stockholm Conference, which gave birth to the World Environment Day and also created the United Nations Environment Programme, we want to share our thoughts and some of our nature inspired
artworks that capture the true essence of #OnlyOneEarth.

Wall Art: Sustainable Decor For The Future

Handmade canvas paintings are one of the most sustainable interior decor items available in the market. Made mostly from environment friendly materials, luxury handmade canvas paintings are a class apart for their elegance, simplicity and longevity. Unlike fast moving decor pieces that break or get damaged easily, ending up in the trash, handmade paintings are an investment for a lifetime. 

Today, just as much as artists believe in the use of sustainable materials to create art, they also embrace the world around them creating conscious art that imbibes the beauty and beats to the rhythm of nature.

If you are looking for unique nature inspired artworks to adorn your walls, here are some of the top picks from our collection of handmade paintings available online- 

painting for sale

Donia Parviz Mohammed Kashi

This beautiful work of art features a tropical waterfall. The image of the cool, clear and gently flowing water can cleanse the mind and soothe the soul, making this painting a perfect piece of wall art for your living space or bedroom.

Deep by Bore Minov | Artecasso

DEEP by Bore Minov

A stunning abstract featuring the depths of the ocean. Likening the deep ocean blues to our souls, the artist is trying to uncover the hidden and often forgotten things found in both places- from unusual objects, grasses, fish, transparency, cans, silences, clarity, fears, and optimism, prejudices, whiteness, and whatnot. Take this awe-inspiring artwork home to adorn the walls of your modern home.

 Paintings for sale


If snow-capped mountain peaks that glisten in the early morning rays of the sun are something you wish to immortalize, this is the perfect wall art for you. The artist has skillfully captured the soul of the landscape and painted it as an alluring view of nature.

Sea waves painting for sale

SEA WAVES by Donia Parviz Mohammed Kashi

Wave after wave that rolls in and out, crashing over the rocky cliffs and taking the sand from under our feet…anyone with a fond memory of a seascape will fall in love with this gorgeous painting. You can now slowly drift into a far away world by getting this painting for your living space.

Ghaf tree painting for sale

GHAF TREE: NATIONAL TREE by Lakshmi Vakkalanka

For a true lover of this country, this dazzling painting of the Ghaf tree commemorates and celebrates growth, inspiration, and the remarkable journey of the UAE. As the nation and its beloved people prepare for a brighter and stronger future, upholding the heritage and values, join the movement by owning this one-of-a-kind artwork and displaying it in your home with pride!

Falcon painting for sale

FALCON by Claudia Montes

Prince of the skies, a falcon is a symbol of agility, determination, aspiration, focus, freedom, and purpose. So don’t shy away from adorning your wall with this fantastic piece of wall art featuring a gorgeous falcon who reminds you every day to be your best version!

paintings for sale

EFFLORESCENT by Vasundhara Nanavati

Create the perfect gallery wall with these stunning watercolor paintings featuring gorgeous flora from your backyard! Each of these paintings skillfully captures the subtle hues of the flowers, stark against the foliage. 

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For more nature-inspired handmade canvas paintings to decorate your walls, browse our collection at Artecasso and make a purchase.

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