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Is Art Investment Right For You?

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We believe that Art is for all. Whether you are a novice art lover or a seasoned collector, you can buy, display and appreciate artworks that resonate with you, without worrying too much about their implications. However, when you are looking at fine art- especially original handmade paintings or limited edition luxury canvas prints, buying them becomes a more calculative decision than just passion. 

Art as an investment would yield great returns with time if you do it right. If you are looking to invest in fine wall art, our art consultants recommend these quick guidelines to help you through the process-

Things to remember when buying art for investment

As with any investment, art investments should start with research. Compared to some other investment markets, the art market is a little fickle and may not yield a handsome profit if not done wisely. So before you go filling your home with beautiful yet pricey artworks thinking that they are a great investment, go through these tips for choosing the fine wall art that will benefit your portfolio in the long run.

  •  When buying art online for investment, stick to a particular style of painting that best suits your taste. For instance, if you love the outdoors, you can opt to invest in paintings that specifically depict that. Handmade paintings or prints depicting forest sceneries, creeks, beachside, flowers, foliage, etc. are a few favorites that outdoor lovers prefer when it comes to wall art.
  • Take your time and research art. Instead of rushing into an art investment just because your ‘friend’ told you so, sit on it for some time and learn as much as you can about it. As we mentioned, not all kinds of wall art you see around you, both online and offline, are worthy investments. When buying art as an investment, you must buy it from a trusted source, who can provide you with an authenticity certificate, ensuring its quality.
  • Look for works by emerging artists with potential. Although there is a higher risk in investing in the works of an upcoming artist, you may benefit a lot if the artist you believed in makes it big. As this is a bit of a gamble, our art consultants advise you not to put all your funds into an emerging artist. Ideally, you must shake up your art investment portfolio with high, medium, and low-risk artworks. 
  • Remember that art investments are for the long term. If you are into investments that yield quick, visible returns within months of investing, art investments are not for you. Patience is key for ensuring that the artwork you invested in gains value over time.
  • And lastly, purchase a trusted curator. While there are numerous art companies in and outside of the UAE, it is prudent that you do your research and buy wall art from a reliable art curator. Connect with art lovers and investors through local forums and listen to their opinions to get an idea of some of the online and offline art galleries and curator companies that sell fine art. Finally, once you zero down on art from a trusted seller, recheck if they are providing an authentication certificate for the art.

Is it worth it?

Art investments are ideal for investors who are ready to hold on and appreciate their buy for a long time until they fetch the right price. In short, it is not as flexible as other investments and may not give you the best returns if you hurry. 

If you have made up your mind about investing in art, it’s time to talk to our art consultants. At Artecasso, we provide authentic hand-crafted paintings and limited edition prints that are a great choice of investment. Contact our team today to know more.

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