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Introducing Luxury Prints

Have you ever come across a painting that you called out to you? A painting that evoked profound feelings and made you want to bring it home? More often than not, people come across images that they fall in love with as they would be a great addition to home interiors. However, getting your hands on hand-made oil paintings you see in galleries or even online may be tough. From abstract paintings that cannot be copied by hand to famous paintings that are worth millions, these works of art may be out of your reach due to many reasons. 

This is where luxury canvas prints come in. Thanks to the latest printing technologies, you can now own gallery-quality images of your favourite painting for competitive market prices. The Canvas printing process allows you to get the image of your choice on a canvas and stretch it onto a frame for display. Canvas prints are a great way to bring the beauty of world-renowned paintings to your home as well as a brilliant alternative to investing thousands of dollars on pricier hand-made oil paintings that put a dent in your savings.

Want to know more about luxury canvas prints? Here are 5 reasons why we recommend it to you-

Exceptional quality

With the help of state of the art publishing innovation, gallery-quality picture items are currently available at the best prices through canvas prints. These prints boast exceptional colour recreation and provide HD resolution of the painting that you want to bring home. Through this technology, we deliver superior prints of your favourite painting or image that adds an oomph to your home decor.

Timeless versatility

Nothing is more versatile and classic than a canvas print. Images printed onto high-quality canvas can fit naturally into any decor style. Whatever your preferred style is- antique, contemporary or bohemian styles- canvas prints will bring life to your interior designs. You can also get canvas prints in any custom size and shape to suit your interior design requirements.  

Unlike traditional prints of oil paintings, canvas prints are timeless. You may move houses or change your interior design, but the beauty of these prints will remain the same. 

No-Glare Glam

Images printed on glossy paper or framed behind glass may look unattractive due to glare or reflections due to natural/artificial light in the room. On the other hand, whatever source of light you have in the room, your canvas prints will look sharp and glare-free at any time of the day. Their satin-matte finish makes them the best choice for decorating rooms that are bathed in light, making your interiors look glamorous. 

Frame or no-frame

Compared to traditional prints of paintings, there is no need for your canvas prints to have expensive frames bordering the image. You can go for a gallery wrap of your print to give it a more simple, minimalistic look. However, this is a very personal choice. There is nothing wrong with wanting to frame your canvas print to make it more stylish if that’s what you like.

Guaranteed durability

Canvas prints are highly durable as the image stays almost intact on the canvas even after years. The colours rarely fade and they require very minimal care to ensure longer life. Unlike authentic paintings, they also don’t require special care and attention while transporting from one place to another, making them long-lasting. They are also unaffected by humidity and temperature fluctuations.


Canvas prints are very versatile and are a great way to bring your favourite paintings or images to life. Compared to authentic oil on canvas paintings, canvas prints are also easy on your pocket while preserving their beauty as a wonderful expression of art.

If you are interested in getting a high-quality canvas print from our collection or a personalized print for the most competitive market price in the UAE, contact us at Artecasso today.

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