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Integrating Wall Art Into Your Minimalist Home

Abstract painting Artecasso

Most of us would love to have a pop of color on our walls if it was up to us.
Handmade canvas paintings, prints, posters, or photographs can all add some visual dynamic bare walls, making our interiors look well put together.

However, if you are a fan of minimalism and have kept your interior designs to their fundamental essences, it may feel a little difficult to introduce wall art into the space. As much as you love a good painting, you may worry if it will disrupt the clean vibe of your space.

So in this blog, we will put your mind to ease by discussing some wonderful ways of integrating wall art in your minimalist home.

Understanding minimalism

Minimalism is a mid-20th-century cultural movement that emphasized the ideas of reductionist modernism. People who followed minimalism paired fundamental design elements such as solid colors and geometrical shapes with simple forms and functions. While minimalism influenced various fields from architecture to the theatre, minimalism in interior design is focused on creating a simple, functional space that minimizes clutter and provides tranquillity.

Typically, minimalist interiors have the bare minimum amount of furniture required to live comfortably. To avoid clutter, these spaces use built-in storage solutions or furniture that doubles up as storage. Minimalist hopes also have bare floors, with a single rug at the center of the room. The walls and furniture all follow muted color tones, with a maximum of one or two solid accent colors. 

Now, when it comes to interior elements, a minimalist home focuses on statement pieces with a purpose. These spaces will have clean and sleek furniture that is necessary for a standard home and one or two classic items that pull the room together- like a black and white photograph or an abstract artwork.

As minimalist interiors are all about “the few”, selecting the right artwork is highly important. For instance, if the room has a large wall space that is completely bare, you can hang a large canvas painting or print that provides a focal point for the room. Remember that the devil lies in the detail, so it is prudent that you choose something that is visually calming and doesn’t have excessive glitz, clutter, or clashing patterns.

With that said, here are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing artwork for your minimalist home.

Selecting wall art for a minimalist space

To help you make the right choice of wall art, our art consultants have put together a guideline for buying art for your minimalist home.

  • Remember that choosing artwork for a minimalist space is not counterintuitive. The right wall art can liven up your space without making the space look crowded.

  • There is no hard and fast rule that you must stick to neutral hues when choosing artwork. Wall art is potentially the only way to add some color and texture to your space without making it look out of place. So be a little adventurous with your selection.

  • Bright colors on an artwork work just fine in a minimalist setting. To ensure that wall art packs a punch without overwhelming the look and feel of the space, opt for colorful wall art featuring simple geometric shapes.

  • Pastel-hued artworks with sharp edges are subtle but make a statement. If sharp edges feel a little too bold for your taste, you can even look into flowy curves and symmetry. Marbling effects on artworks, for instance, are a great choice for minimalist interiors. 

  • If you prefer sticking to a soothing and neutral color palette when it comes to your space, the key is to look for furniture and art pieces with texture. Textured wall art and other interior elements will help liven up an otherwise neutral space. 

  • Hanging a few different artworks in a room might end up creating an art gallery, which is not something that you might want for your space. To avoid turning your home into an art gallery, opt for an oversized painting or print that takes up space on your largest wall.

The right piece of artwork can add depth and dimension to your space. So before you write off artworks altogether, take some time to search and choose classic wall art pieces that can bring your space together and make it look straight out of a magazine.

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