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How To Take Care Of Your Oil Paintings?

care instructions for oil paintings


Handmade oil paintings are a great addition to your home or office. A beautifully crafted painting can tie all the interior elements together, perfectly maintaining the vibe you want to evoke.

Whether you are purchasing an original oil painting from a gallery or from an online art company, it is important to know how to properly care for it. Here is a guide to help you care for your handmade oil paintings the right way. 

Keep away from sunlight

When mounting the handmade oil painting on the wall, ensure that it does not fall directly under the sunlight. The ultraviolet rays in the sunlight are known to cause discolouration to the painting. If you wish to highlight the painting under soft light, use low-frequency bulbs or diffused spotlights that are mounted away from the painting. You can also use custom made painting display light.

Temperature and humidity

Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can damage your oil painting. Temperature changes can cause the painting to stretch or shrink, causing the paint to crack. Similarly, relative humidity above 55 can cause moisture to collect on the painting and lead to mould formation. By maintaining optimum temperature and humidity, your paintings will be better protected from damage and mould.

Display the painting the right way

Oil paintings must be displayed at eye level unless your interior design requires you to do otherwise. Ensure that the painting mounted on a wall in such a way that people may not bump into it while walking. Do not keep pointed objects near the canvas as they may damage the painting accidentally. When hanging the painting, use wall hooks driven deep into the wall and under brackets for increased support and stability.

Dusting and cleaning

Oil paintings gather dust very fast. To keep the painting beautiful and vibrant, it requires regular cleaning. However, when dusting the painting, make sure to use a soft artist brush or lint cloth instead of dust cloths or feather dusters, as it may scratch and contaminate the painting. Never use moist cloths for cleaning oil paintings as it can smudge and destroy the painting. Take extra care while cleaning 3D paintings so that you don’t pull on the paint with your cleaning cloth and cause the paint to dislodge.

Storing and transporting

When storing a framed artwork, lay a piece of cardboard over the front and back of the painting, covering over the frame, before bubble wrapping it completely. This will help store the painting safely and avoid potential tears and scratches on the canvas. When transporting it, always hold the painting from both the vertical sides. Never hold the painting by the top of the frame or the hanging wire as it may pull the canvas and damage the painting.

Final words

With these simple steps, you can easily take care of your handmade oil paintings, avoid any accidental damages and ensure their longevity. If you are looking to buy your first artwork or add more to your collection, visit our online art company website today.

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