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How To Start Your Art Collection Journey As A Beginner

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People have a lot of misconceptions about buying art. Our pop culture for instance has always portrayed art collectors as serious, affluent, articulate, and pompous men and women who seem to have unlimited funds and a lot of knowledge about all kinds of art. For this reason, many people stay away from buying art, especially wall art, for their homes and offices.

However, unlike these depictions, the art collection is neither too expensive nor is it meant only for people educated in art. Anyone who has an eye for creativity likes to express their feelings through colors and experience life through unique images can buy wall art. As a beginner, you can look into handmade paintings and limited edition canvas prints from local artists for purchase, allowing you to delve into the world of hues and brushstrokes. 

In this blog, our art consultants in Dubai share some guidelines you need to know when starting your journey as a novice art collector. 

Buying Fine Art For Your Space


Buying and displaying fine art is a way to own a prized possession that sparks joy and brings a pop of color to your interiors. Although more expensive than printing and framing computer-generated imagery, handcrafted wall art is accessible and affordable to everyone who wishes to buy them. So if you are looking to start your art collection, here are some things to keep in mind-

  • Do a little soul search to identify your taste

Before you jump online and start adding artwork to your cart, take some time to visit a local gallery or museum. Get exposed to different kinds of wall art and understand how they make you feel before buying wall art. Artists use many kinds of painting techniques to create their art and not every type may be your cup of tea. So have an idea as to what excites you when it comes to wall art.

  • Set your budget

While we tell you that not all walls are crazy expensive, canvas paintings and prints cost more than regular paper-printed posters. A handmade painting can cost more than a print. So you must set your budget and expectations before thinking of buying an artwork.

  • Find enough space on your wall

If you are planning to add wall art to your interiors, find a wall space that is unobstructed by other furniture and media, well enough to set up a gallery wall. Having enough space for a gallery wall will ensure that there is always a place for your growing collection of wall art in your home.

  • Make way for the artwork to shine

Whether you are a lover of minimalism or prefer a more eclectic interior, there are ways to make your favorite painting shine. The best way to ensure that your chosen artwork stands out is by ensuring that it’s the right size and displaying it prominently.

  • Choose artworks by local artists

Artworks by local artists are easier to source and therefore more affordable. If you are unsure where to find local artists or find their works, get in touch with your trusted online art curator Artecasso and learn more about emerging artists whose works wow you.

  • Remember to document your purchase

Buying art is an investment; so treat it with respect. Whether you buy art online or from a local art gallery, always remember to file the receipt or save the email correspondence for future reference. This will not only help you keep track of your finances, but will also help you if you ever need to sell the artwork.

  • Keep your artwork safe

Once you own artwork, it is your responsibility to keep it safe from potential damage. Whether you are displaying the artwork on your wall or keeping it stored for future use, ensure that you follow all the care instructions to keep it intact. If you own a collection that is worth a lot, you can even consider insuring them to prepare you for a worst-case scenario.

Buy art online

Once you are ready to make a leap of faith and buy a unique handmade painting or a luxury canvas print for your home or office space, browse our latest collection of artworks from renowned artists for you to choose from. Purchase your favorite artwork today!

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