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How To Start Your Art Collecting Journey

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Anyone who has a genuine interest in art can be a collector. If you have an eye for appreciating and enjoying creative explorations, you can consider purchasing fine art at any point in your life. Buying art for your home or office is also a long-term investment so long as you buy from authentic outlets. Want to know how? Let us tell you.

Canvas paintings and prints have long been considered fine artworks that are great additions to any collection. If you are interested in being a collector, more specifically, if you are looking to invest in wall art, here are a few important things you should remember-

  • Know your likes and dislikes
  • You may like all kinds of artworks from canvas paintings to sculptures to unique photographs. Or you may specifically like wall art as they go well with your interiors or interest you more than others. So the first step to being an art collector is to figure out what you like. The better picture you have about your own interest, the better collection you will have over time.

    • Start with the basics

    The art collection is a fairly simple process. However, there is no need to rush it. If you are new to the art collection, you can always start by visiting museums and art galleries to familiarise yourself with different kinds of art. This will also help you figure out what your taste is and the different styles of artwork that are out there. You may even come across artists whose works resonate more with your interests. Along the way, you may even notice that your tastes are evolving and becoming more sophisticated than you initially believed. This will help you make wall art investments that are timeless and will always be a jewel in your collection.

    • Determine your purpose

    When you think of being an art collector, you may have various purposes for it. For instance, some people buy wall art that they love and want to adorn their walls with. Others may consider paintings or limited edition prints as more of an investment that will hold value over time. As there are different types of purchases, so are there different kinds of fine art. You can even talk to an art consultant and determine which direction you want to take with your art collection.

    • Set your budget

    As a first-time collector, it is very important to know that various factors affect the price of the artwork you are looking to buy. So before you set your heart on something and pay an arm and a leg to own it, set a budget. The general idea is that original canvas paintings are worth more than limited edition prints as no two paintings will be exactly the same. However, if a painting is a lot outside your price range as a novice collector, you can always get your hands on limited edition luxury canvas prints which are just as classic and timeless as canvas paintings, but within your budget. As you get the hang of the art collection, you can set aside an amount for buying specific works of art that you didn't get an opportunity to buy earlier. At the end of the day, trust your instincts. If you really love something that’s a little over your price range, you should consider “stretching” a little to be a proud owner of the artwork.

    • Grow your network

    It goes without saying that growing your network can save you a lot of time and money. As you start collecting artwork, you will learn a few things about the art world and forge connections that give you insight into wonderful pieces of art and competitive pricing. Use such opportunities to widen your horizon and build new relationships as a serious art collector. 

    • Keep records

    When you buy from an authentic art dealer or consultant, there will be a clear traceable path when the art leaves the artist and reaches you. The ownership transfer should be documented through saved emails, invoices, and receipts. If you ever wish to resell, gift, or transfer ownership of an artwork, these are some of the most important documents you should always keep with you.

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