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How To Pick Wall Art For Your Restaurant Or Cafe?

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Cafes and restaurants are not just places where you can enjoy a delicious meal. A good cafe/restaurant will make guests feel like they have walked into an alternate world- with theme-based interiors that catch and express the essence of the restaurant and food that tastes divine! Without setting the right mood and ambiance, even the yummiest meal won’t make guests feel fully satisfied.

So how do you set this ambiance? Many factors come into play such as the color of the walls and floor, cozy and functional furniture, suitable china and cutlery, wall arts, lights, indoor plants, and other decor items, and of course, music to match the setting. Since our expertise is wall arts, let us see how cafes or restaurants should choose canvas paintings or prints to improve their establishment.

Why bring art to your establishment?

Art, especially wall art, acts as a statement piece in a cafe or restaurant, drawing the guest’s eyes as they take their surroundings in. The key is to find a suitable painting or canvas print that can bring the place together. To help you choose the right wall art, there are a few points you must keep in mind-

Follow the theme

While all artworks are stunning in their way, some are much more suited to a restaurant setting than others. To find the perfect wall art for your restaurant/cafe, one easy way is to stick to its theme. This doesn’t mean that you have to search far and wide for paintings or prints that match exactly your cuisine. An abstract painting in the right color tone will keep things interesting without completely swaying your guests’ attention away from the meal.

A feast of color

A failsafe way to choose wall art for your establishment is to have it in the safe color tone as the interiors. However, bold and vibrant colors may not be the way to go, unless your cafe or restaurant is also a part-time art gallery. Even if you have a bohemian vibe going down, it is best to tone down when it comes to the canvas paintings or prints you put up on the wall. Additionally, ensure that the white balance of your interiors is not too vibrant or too blue as this is found to cause a lack of appetite among the guests.

Opt for warmer hues

Studies show that warmer colors such as shades of red, orange, and yellow help to evoke a sensation of hunger. As this is the crux of a restaurant business, opting to use the warm palette to paint and decorate your interiors will help keep things appetizing for the guests. To maintain this ambiance, choose abstract paintings or canvas prints featuring similar hues.

If your restaurant and its theme is more muted and subtle and doesn’t relate to the vibrancy of red, orange, and yellow, opt for their toned-down shades such as burnt orange, mustard, or pale yellow, or even brown. There is a whole range of shades, variations, and ratios that can give the same impact. Research into them and once you have a clearer understanding, look for handmade paintings or even try custom canvas prints that will help make the walls of your cafe/restaurant appetizing and Instagram-worthy at the same time!

Need inspiration?

Still, feeling a little lost? Browse through our collection of luxury abstract paintings and limited edition canvas prints to find alluring art pieces that may go perfectly well with your cafe/restaurant interiors. Want something more unique? Try our custom canvas print services to get interesting wall arts that could shake things up a bit and make your place of business stand out.

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