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How To Match Wall Colour With The Right Painting

Luxury handmade painting to enhance your space

Planning and creating beautiful interiors for your home can be very exciting. Even if you have an eye for finding truly marvelous handmade canvas paintings that suit your taste, bringing them home will present you with new challenges. You not only need to coordinate the painting with your existing decor, but also the wall color where you are planning to hang the artwork. 

Wondering how to get your new canvas painting and existing interior, especially the wall color to sync and sing in harmony? Here is what you need to know-

Put some thought into what you want

Before you jump and buy that chic luxury abstract painting for your living room, it is a good idea to consider your existing space and its unique style.

So what is your personal style? Are you aiming for a bright, clean, and minimalist space that is functional above everything? Or are you a fan of cozy, bohemian vibes with artistic (and slightly mismatched) decors and wall tones? 

Whichever direction you are aiming for with your interiors, it is possible to find beautiful paintings that may sync right into your existing space. For instance, if you are choosing art for your living room, which is more of a place of tranquility for you with lots of shade, dark tones, and minimal decor, choose a painting that has a minimalist design and cool tones. This will ensure that the wall art will feel ‘just right’ without needing a lot of decor changes around the room.

Look closely at your wall paint

No one looks twice at the wall paint once they set up a room. Your wall color is like salt in a savory dish- it complements the food without making the person be aware of its presence. 

All wall paints will have some undertones that you may have missed out on. Even the neutral tones like whites, beiges, and grays may have an undertone that you never saw before comparing it with a painting or decor element.

Using a color fan, try to identify the exact undertone of your wall paint, especially if you have an unusual wall color to start with. If it’s a neutral tone, things will be much easier for you as these walls act as a black canvas in most cases. Textured walls or walls with unusual colors are particularly hard to color-coordinate with new wall arts. However, remember that it's not an impossible feat- just time-consuming. In case you are unsure what kind of painting goes well on your wall, see the next tip to make things work.

Stick to a color palette

According to design principles, you have a few different options to color coordinate your room color and new wall art. Here is how you can do it-

  • Go for an analogous color scheme. Analogous colors are the ones that are next to each other on the color wheel. So effectively you will follow shades of a similar color, which will help create a more balanced look between your wall and wall art. However, it is best to pick one dominant color and limit others to 2 or 3 accents. For instance, if your wall paint has a yellow undertone, you can choose accents of yellow, orange, and/or brown to create a fun look.

  • For a more bold statement, choose a complementary color scheme. Complementary colors appear opposite of each other on the color wheel. For exciting contracts between your wall and art, you can choose this style. For example- blue and orange or green and red.

  • Monochrome designs are used to create a harmonious space, where just one color and its shades are used to design the entire space. This includes wall color as well as any art that is hung in this space.


Matching the color of your room and the painting you choose is a skill that comes with practice. It all starts with studying your existing space and matching the color scheme, without worrying too much about the subject of the canvas painting.

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