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How To Liven Your Hallways With Beautiful Wall Art

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Hallways are one of the most neglected and under-decorated parts of any home. Most of us tend to overlook hallways, landings, and corridors only as pathways meant for connecting different rooms. However, hallways have much more potential than that. With the right wall art, your hallways could set the tone of your home. 

Although most interior decorators think of portraits as the go-to decor for hallways, abstract artworks are the new game-changer. If you like to add some wall art to your hallways and landings, we have some ideas that could work like magic for your space.

Understand your space

Before you decide on investing in handmade canvas paintings or prints for your hallways, study the space available. Do you have a long hallway with a lot of natural light pouring in? Or is your space small, with dark-colored paint or wallpaper? If you have natural light available, make sure to use it to your advantage. In case you require light fittings for your hallway, incorporate that into the space before outlining to hang your chosen wall art.

Choose a style

Once you picture your hallway wall space as a plain canvas, look into some decor styles that will suit the vibe you are going for.

  • Saloon style

Hallways are a great place to try out salon-style hanging. Choose different types of images in varied sizes and frame types to set up your salon-style hanging. Place the canvas paintings/ prints in such a way that they cover the available space from top to bottom. Ensure that the gaps between the pictures are fairly regular to bring some conformity to the style. To ease this process, hang the largest frame first and then fill the space with the smaller ones.

  • Statement art

If you have a smaller landing space that needs decorating, hanging a single piece of art can do wonders to the space. For instance, a gorgeous abstract painting will fit the space beautifully, adding to the charm of your home. However, make sure that the wall is not textured and has a uniform color to avoid the wall looking too crowded.

  • Mix and match
  • You don’t always have to hang your wall art. If you have a reasonably spacious hallway, try mounting a few paintings and leaving some on a ledge or shelf on the wall. This mixed-style arrangement will bring some fun and flexibility to your space, allowing you to change the canvas prints/ paintings as you like and experiment a little.

  • Play with frames
  • To bring a playful vibe into your hallway, try adding different frames to your wall arts. If you opt for canvas prints or paintings, you can choose a gallery wrap apart from other options like black, white, metallic, or wooden frames.

  • Geometrical arrangements
  • If you have multiple art pieces of equal size, you can always opt for geometrical arrangements. For instance, you can create a unified look with twin parallel lines or an eclectic look by arranging them in a diamond shape. Remember that geometrical arrangements never go out of style. So feel free to try out any shape that suits your space.


    Hallways and landings are great places to hang your favorite wall art. So don’t leave these spaces bare. Let your creative side take over and decorate the wall with beautiful abstract paintings or prints and pump up the dynamic energy in your home. If you want to shop for new, stunning handmade paintings and limited edition canvas prints, check out our website today.

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