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How To Handpick The Right Canvas Art For Your Workplace

Find The Right Canvas Art For Your Office


Modern-day office spaces have come miles from the conventional style that our parents (and grandparents) had spent their days working in. When we think of offices, we no longer picture dull, drab, white walls and ceilings, harsh fluorescent lights, stacks of files, and chunky computer screens sitting on the desktops. Contemporary offices are designed ergonomically, incorporating elements that will improve the mood and efficiency of the people working in the space. Apart from setting up workstations, interior designers are also open to the addition of canvas art in an office space. 

Studies show that displaying wall art in the workplace can elevate employee mood, performance, and physical well-being. Additionally, wall art, especially handmade paintings, are displayed in offices to set a standard and bolster client relations. Installing thoughtfully chosen wall art in the workplace is a great way to communicate the right message to guests. With all that said, art is also a great way to inspire creativity and bring life to an otherwise serious environment.

So how do you choose the right art for your space?

Your office doesn’t need to look and feel like a carnival with neon colors and abstract images. But with the right wall art, you can spruce up your office space, making it a conducive work environment. To help you choose stunning canvas art that fits right into the workplace, here are a few things to remember-

Minimalism is the key

Your office is a place of business; which is why it should have minimalistic decor to keep the sanctity of the space. Even if the very essence of your business is all about creativity, having a riot of colors splashed across the walls will do more harm than good. Apart from your chosen interiors, you can opt to have a dedicated, neatly curated space on the wall to hang your canvas art, which helps in tying up the workspace well. 

However, make sure not to mix your framed photographs with the wall art. Art, especially handmade canvas paintings and limited edition prints must be treated thoughtfully. Arranging all your wall decor haphazardly and tastelessly will do your interiors more harm than good, to the extent that it impacts your business. 

Consider the existing interiors

Every one of us will have personal preferences when it comes to art. Some like vibrant images while others prefer sober and monochromatic paintings. But when it comes to choosing wall art for your office, keep the choice objective. Instead of your personal preferences, think about what kind of vibe you want to create in your workplace. If the interiors have soft, relaxed tones with wooden paneling, it is best to introduce an abstract painting in blues, whites, and greys that maintain the feeling of tranquility. If your workplace has a more vibrant setting, choose images that share the same color palette as the interior elements to ensure that the wall art stays in sync with the surroundings. 

Remember that quirky art pieces and bohemian styles are not suitable for office settings. Take your existing interiors into consideration and invest in canvas art that looks right for the space.

Choose inspirational/influential art pieces

Your office is the best place to display one-of-a-kind inspirational or influential art pieces. Many times, your chosen wall art can become an ice breaker or conversation starter. So choosing abstract paintings that are open to interpretation is sure to suit your place of business.

Paired with the right furniture, a bold, abstract painting or print can light up the workspace, lifting your employees' moods and helping them break out of a slump after hours of working. Statement art pieces like these can set the energy of a room, influencing the people around in more ways than we can perceive. 

A hint of personalization to tie it up

Although the art pieces you choose for your place of business should be impartial at their best, a hint of personalization can go a long way. As a business owner, the art you choose for your office will naturally be considered as a reflection of your thoughts and aspirations. So be sure to choose canvas arts that speak volumes about the kind of brand you are building without being loud and distracting to the people who work in the office. 

So the next time you are looking for a new canvas art to add to your collection, don’t forget to look for something specific for your office space. Remember that the perfect handmade painting or a limited edition canvas print will change the dynamics of your workplace for the better, right when you need it the most. Check out our carefully curated luxury wall arts today.

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