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How To Find Art That Matches Your Vibe?

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Wall art- whether it is a handmade painting or a canvas print- has the unique ability to engage your senses and uplift your mood. Decorating your home or office with artworks you truly enjoy is a great way to keep your vibe on and strong.

But people are often confused or overwhelmed at the prospect of buying wall art even if they like it at first look. This is especially true if it's about investing in unique canvas painting or limited edition print to adorn their space. 

So before you worry yourself, take some time to identify wall art that suits your taste and matches your energy. Here is how you can do that-

Finding wall art that matches your style

The great thing about art is that there are no hard and fast rules; which is why our art consultants recommend going into this process with zero prerequisites. For instance, your home may have minimalistic interiors and muted tones, but there is no need for you to find artwork that matches that exact style. If you suddenly fell in love with a vibrant abstract painting, you can always take it home and hang it over the mantle or behind your couch as a statement piece. And voila! It will surely look marvelous.

That’s the beauty of original artwork. No matter what you thought of them before, they will always come to surprise you!

Even so, it is good to have some sense of the different art styles. This will help you narrow down your search for good wall art, especially if you are on a budget. So here is what you need to know about different art styles-

  • Abstract Art
  • As the name suggests, abstract art doesn’t have identifiable imagery. On the first look, it will look like splashes of paint drawn haphazardly over the canvas. But once you look deeper into the image, you will see it reflecting the emotions and energy that you want to feel in it. The interpretations of abstract art vary from person to person. It’s therefore one of the best wall art you can invest in that will help set a unique vibe for your space.



  • Sceneries and other nature subjects
  • Artworks featuring sceneries and other nature prints are like a window to the world outside. If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors and wishes to have a little bit of your interest expressed in your interiors, paintings and prints of sceneries, animals, foliage, garden, etc are a great option for your home.



  • Surreal Art
  • Surreal art is like an entry into the dream world. Every surreal artwork is a blend of everyday objects, events, or people with fantasy. These kinds of paintings are highly personal, and subjective and evoke very specific emotions in viewers. Surreal art invites you to seek and explore the dreamlike imagery created by the artist. These kinds of artworks are often brimming with energy and are a great addition to your home or workplace.


  • Calligraphy
  • Calligraphy paintings are an elegant option for any home. If you are not very fond of subjective or objective images, spiritual messages or quranic verses, beautiful calligraphy is an ideal choice. 



    Buying art online

    The key to finding wall art that matches your vibe is to keep an open mind and understand what you like. At Artecasso, we have a wonderful collection of exquisite paintings and prints that are sure to energize your space and start conversations. Browse our collection today to make a purchase.

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