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Learning The Ropes of Collecting Limited Edition Canvas Prints

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One of the best ways to start collecting fine art is by investing in limited-edition prints. When compared to handmade canvas paintings, limited edition prints are more affordable, especially for beginner art collectors. Limited edition canvas prints, as the name suggests, will have a limited number of copies. Although they are not exactly unique you will find gorgeous limited edition prints that are a class apart, while being lighter on the pockets. 

At Artecasso, we have a stunning, museum-quality collection of limited-edition luxury canvas prints that are available for purchase. So if you are unsure how to go about buying a luxury canvas print from an online art store like us, here are a few simple guidelines that will help you make educated decisions as a novice wall art collector.

Understanding limited edition canvas prints

Limited edition prints are a luxury fine art of famous artworks. Some artists work with printmaking studios to create high-quality canvas prints of artworks that are highly sought after. Earlier, world canvas prints of world-renowned works were created mostly to support nonprofit programs such as fundraising. Nowadays a lot of modern and upcoming artists prefer to sign up for creating limited editions of their artworks, which can be purchased by the general public, which offers a great opportunity for new collectors to kick start their wall art collections.

If you are one of the upcoming art collectors in the UAE with a keen eye for locally sourced limited edition prints, here is what you need to know to start your collection-

  • There are various types of limited edition prints for you to choose from. You can find woodcuts, etchings, screen prints, lithographs, or digital which are a few of the different types of prints you will find out there. At Artecasso, we specialize in limited-edition canvas prints of popular artworks, mostly created by local artists.
  • Every limited edition print comes with the artist’s signature and edition number. The prints are numbered, signed, and dated by the artist, thereby ensuring their authenticity and value. As a result, although they are priced lower than handmade paintings, they are still worth a lot, especially if you are considering them as an investment. The value of this wall art remains the same or even increases in secondary markets when it’s harder to find a particular print.
  • Luxury print sets with fewer editions cost more than the ones with a higher number of editions. For instance, if an artwork has only 10 prints available for sale, it will be valued higher than a piece that has around 100 editions.
  • Not all artists sign the limited edition prints. Some chose not to sign their works or sign on the reverse of the print. Other times you can inquire about getting a signed print specifically. In other cases, there will be limited edition prints that only have their initials or a specific signature that proves their authenticity.
  • It is important to buy framed limited edition prints or get your print professionally framed to preserve them well. Canvas prints are generally more durable than paper prints. Additionally, when mounting a canvas print, treat it just like a handmade painting and provide the proper mounting support. If not, the art piece could fall off the display wall.
  • When installing your limited edition print, keep it away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture just like any other artwork. Don’t let the lower price points fool you and hang your precious artwork in less ideal locations such as the kitchen or the bathroom which could damage the print in the long run.
  • Safely keep all the documentation you need when purchasing your limited edition canvas print. It’s necessary to prove the artwork's authenticity, especially if you ever need to resell it.

To buy luxury limited edition canvas prints at competitive prices, visit Artecasso, your favorite online art store in the UAE!

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