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How To Cleverly Use Wall Art To Make Your Rooms Look Larger?

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Interior designing is an intriguing discipline, which is much more than finding the right paint for your walls and couch for your living room. Apart from making your surroundings beautiful, adding some design elements can change the perception of the visual space. For instance, a room can be visually enlarged with the help of color, lighting, and the placement of interior elements. In this article, we will explore how large wall arts can modify the limits of your room by impacting our visual perception.

Space and visual perception

People living in small or mid-size houses or apartments know very well how their rooms can look tiny and crowded with the simplest of things. Put a coffee table, rug, and couch in your living room, and the space just shrinks up! Due to this reason, people tend to leave their walls bare and undecorated, fearing that statement wall art like a canvas painting or print will make the room look even smaller. 

What if we say that it all comes down to our visual perception and not the actual size of the room? When it comes to decorating your walls, the smaller the decor you place on your walls, the larger you will feel in comparison to it, which will make the room feel smaller. However, if you place a larger wall art or a group of slightly smaller ones on the wall, it diminishes you in scale, making you feel like the room is bigger than it is.

So while you may find this hard to believe, large single paintings and canvas prints or a set of two can create a statement as well as make your room feel larger. 

Open up your space with artwork

Smaller living spaces are unavoidable in cities like Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. At some point, we all have dealt with spaces that are too small and quite hard to decorate because of their size. So knowing how to create the illusion of a larger room by picking out the right wall art is a game-changer. To help you choose the right kind of wall art and the right size to go for our room, here are a few simple tips and tricks from our design experts-

  • Choose a color palette that flows seamlessly

To enlarge a small room with the wall art make sure that the colors and prints in the painting or print flow seamlessly into the backdrop behind it. Take care not to choose wall art that has colors that may overpower the space. Bright and vibrant paintings with a lot of hues are too dynamic for your space and may make your room look congested. Choose artworks that feel as if they continue past the frame, opening up your walls and making your room look larger.

  • When in doubt, go for gallery wrap

Ornate frames, while they are beautiful to look at, cut off the image instead of allowing it to blend seamlessly with the background. So if you are unsure as to which frame is best for the wall art, go for a gallery wrap. Gallery wrap will help the image fit right into the wall space without disturbing its natural flow. You can also go for thin, natural wooden frames in warm tones for the painting/print as these are also great for keeping the artwork classy and minimalistic.

  • Abstract paintings go a long way

Abstract paintings in monochrome tones or faded and subtle hues are wonderful additions to any wall. These paintings create a single focal point while leaving the rest of the space around it wide open. The abstract nature of the subject also allows the viewer to form their interpretations of the wall art, keeping it versatile.

When decorating the walls of a small room, the negative space that is not covered by the painting also plays a key role in creating the ‘larger than actual’ perception. So, ensure that you are choosing a simple, minimalist wall art that fills up at least 30% of your wall space to open up your space.

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