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How To Clean And Maintain Cured Resin Art

Resin art from Artecasso


Epoxy resin artworks are incredibly beautiful. Artists use resin to create a multitude of products ranging from large wall art to something simple as tea coasters. While simple everyday items made from the epoxy resin can be cleaned with a bit of dish soap and water, cured resin artworks need a little more care to keep them looking shiny and stunning.

If you own one or more resin wall arts featuring geodes and other crystals, here is how you can clean them.

  • Gentle cleaning

Cured resin artworks have a smooth, shiny surface, similar to that of glass. As a result, it tends to accumulate dust or show fingerprints, needing some occasional cleaning. If your resin art needs some basic cleaning, spray it with a mild glass cleaner and gently wipe it dry using a soft cloth or paper towel. 

Although epoxy resin is generally strong and durable, abrasive cleaners such as bleach or scouring pads may scratch the surface of the artwork, damaging it in the process.

  • Removing fingerprints

Your resin wall art may collect fingerprints on its surface when you handle it while moving or hanging it. To remove fingerprints, you can use a glass cleaner. In case your wall art seems to have more stubborn spots, use mild soap and water to clean it more effectively.

  • Cleaning geodes and crystals

If your resin wall art features geodes or crystals, you can simply wipe them with plain water or with a little bit of mild soap/dishwasher. As the geodes used in the artwork are already cleaned off most of the heavy grit, you needn’t worry about giving it a soak, as this could damage the artwork in the process.

  • Never use alcohol for cleaning

Although alcohol is a good cleaning agent for many household items, never use alcohol-based products to clean your resin wall art. This is because alcohol can break down resin, making it dull or sticky. Artists generally use alcohol to wipe and clean resin spills and clean their tools after creating their artwork, but never to clean their finished wall art.

  • Keep the wall away from direct sunlight

Much similar to handmade oil paintings and canvas prints, resin wall arts must be kept away from direct sunlight. Even though the resin is UV resistant and stable, the artwork may show some yellowing if hung in a place where it is exposed to sunlight for long periods.

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