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How To Choose The Perfect Wall Art For Your Home

wall art for your home or office


Finding the perfect wall art for your home can be quite exciting as well as overwhelming at times. Whether you just moved into a new place that needs a pop of colour or looking forward to redoing the interiors of your existing one, choosing the right art may not come as naturally as you hoped for. Many people find it challenging to decide on the type, size and colour scheme of wall art that fits their living space. If you are one of them and are clueless or need help when it comes to choosing wall art, this blog is for you!

Finding art that reflects YOU

While there are a few points you must consider when choosing wall art for your home, finding a piece that fits your personality is the most important step in the grand scheme of things. Not every handmade painting or luxury canvas print may suit your taste even if it fits your living space in the aesthetic sense. This is because bringing art into your home is not only to decorate the place, but also an opportunity for you to express yourself. 

To find a beautiful wall art for your home, consider the walls of your home as a blank canvas. What is it that you want to express here? Think of the story you want to tell the guests who come into your home. Choose wall art that captures your personality and presents it in the most flattering manner.

You can opt for a colourful, statement piece of art to bring some vibrancy into your space or stick to monochrome paintings or images that are subtle and blend into your decor. Either way, this piece of art must be something that speaks to you.

Consideration for your space

When choosing a wall art for your home that best represents your vision, you must consider the available wall space before investing in a painting or a canvas print.

The practical approach for finding the right art starts with sizing the wall where you plan to hang the piece. For instance, larger wall space can be utilized to hang a single statement piece or multiple paintings/prints in saloon style. If your wall space is small, you can choose 3 to 4 smaller pieces to create a gallery wall without compromising on the style. Likewise, to add a little visual magic to a cosy corner in your home, you can opt for smaller frames as they take up less space and still look good.

Match with your existing interiors

When buying art, you should also consider the colour scheme of your rooms. While it may seem fun to experiment a bit, it is best if you pair complementary colours and styles. If your walls and existing decor have pastel accents or neutral tones you can put up brighter toned wall art. For example, abstract paintings with geometric designs are a great fit for rooms with such interior features. On the other hand, if your interiors have plenty of darker colours and patterns, with classic or vintage decor, sceneries in subdued tones or abstract paintings in monochrome palettes add some visual interest to your walls.

Find a connection or go bold

Finding a connection between your wall accents and decor will help you decide on the kind of art that goes well in your living space. Most modern homeowners prefer a minimalistic style for their home interiors. As these homes live by the rule of “less is more”, a large statement piece will look good in the setting, as long as they have space. 

Likewise, if you think your boho styled interiors could use some subtle art pieces, buy line art paintings or prints that calm the visual energy a little bit. Similarly, you can go for contemporary abstract art for your minimalist home as both the art and interiors will have a fresh and interesting vibe.

With all that said, if you are unable to connect as to what goes with what and don’t want to play by these rules, you can always go bold and find quirky pieces of wall art that you think will fit into your home despite what a designer might say. To make things easier, buy wall art that is sold as multisets, as they will hold their fort in most settings.


Buying wall art for your home itself is a craft that needs some planning. Even so, the availability of wall space is the only necessary consideration as all other rules are flexible and open to interpretation. If you have an idea of available wall space in your home and have a general understanding of colour schemes, you can simply browse our luxury oil painting and canvas print collection to find ones that are perfect for your home.

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