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How To Care For Luxury Canvas Prints

Canvas art


Luxury canvas prints are an elegant form of wall art. Made using quality materials, the final products will showcase vibrant images, adding to the beauty of your interiors. For novice art lovers, canvas prints are much more affordable, with options for customization as compared to handmade paintings.

While it’s easier to take care of canvas prints, you will still need to follow some care instructions to maintain their shine for years. The canvas itself is more delicate than many other print materials, which is why cleaning and maintenance require some special care.

If you are new to luxury canvas prints and want to learn the best way to maintain them, read on-

  • Keep away from sunlight

Although it’s best to hang your canvas print on a well-lit wall of your home to bring out its beauty, ensure that the wall art doesn’t receive direct sunlight. Leaving your canvas print in sunlight will cause the colors to fade over time. Even if it’s just a part of the print that is exposed to sunlight, letting it sit will cause your print to have uneven color tones. Although most canvas prints are sprayed with a UV-resistant coating, it is still advised to keep them away from sunlight. 

With that said, you are welcome to use artificial lighting to brighten up the spot where you have hung your canvas print.

  • Hang in a cool and dry location

Like with oil paintings, canvas prints are also best suited for locations where there is not a lot of temperature variation and humidity. This is because heat and moisture can cause the canvas to stretch eventually, causing your artwork to get destroyed.

Locations such as bathrooms and basements where there is a higher chance for moisture build-up are not ideal places for hanging a canvas print. If you are planning to keep a canvas print in your kitchen, make sure that it is in a well-ventilated area, away from the heat and smoke. It is fine to hang a canvas print in large or open kitchens, but not in small and closed-off ones. 

  • Clean by dusting

If you want to clean your canvas print, dusting is the way to go. Like with any piece of furniture in your home, your print will also collect dirt and even some grime. To keep the dust away, regularly brush away the dust from the wall art. If the canvas print requires more cleaning power, use a slightly damp microfiber cloth and move it in circles over the dirt. 

Never use wet cloths, fingernails, or other sharp objects to remove dirt from your canvas prints. Likewise, pressing and rubbing at spots can destroy the artwork by smudging the paint or scratching the print material.

  • Get professional help

If your canvas print requires deeper cleaning, never turn to chemical cleaners. Household cleaning liquids will break down the UV coating and even strip away the ink on the canvas, destroying the artwork in the process.

The best way to deal with stubborn dirt is to get it professionally cleaned. Book for a cleaning session with your local art store where they have canvas cleaning services available to keep your canvas print, clean, bright, and intact.

  • Follow proper storage techniques

If you have multiple canvas prints where some are stored away until it's time to rotate the prints on your wall, ensure that you are following proper storage techniques. To ensure the longevity of the canvas prints here is what you should do-

  • Use acid-free paper to cover and protect the print surfaces from scratches.
  • Store the prints in a cool dry area. A temperature-controlled room or storage unit is ideal.
  • Don’t bubble wrap when storing as it may lock moisture between the canvas and the wrap, leading to mold build-up.
  • Keep the prints off the ground and away from the wall to avoid them from getting wet in case of a flood or leakage.

Final words

Canvas prints are a wonderful choice for modern homes. They are less pricey than handmade paintings, but just as vibrant and alluring, giving your walls a pop of color it deserves. By following these simple instructions, you can ensure the longevity of your canvas prints and enjoy their beauty for years to come.

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