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Give Your Home A New Year Makeover With Handpicked Art From Artecasso

Abstract painting online


The new year always comes with fresh starts and new promises. As we enter 2022, most of us may have already made plans to be a better version of ourselves, setting goals for the entire year. So, along with your resolutions for self-improvement, why not decide to give your home a makeover this year? And what better way to refresh your interiors than with handmade paintings and limited edition canvas prints from our latest collection at Artecasso?

From stunning works of art that can kick start conversations to poignant images that can evoke memories of days of yore, there are many kinds of wall arts that can give any room the pick-me-up it deserves. To help you find the right kind of wall art and the best way to display them, here are some interesting ideas from our art experts-

Color your walls with original art 

Handmade canvas paintings are always a classic choice of wall art for any modern home. They are versatile, artistic, and original- making them a highly coveted piece of decor that can elevate the look of your living space. 

When choosing canvas paintings for your home, you can either look for wall art featuring a specific subject or something abstract. While landscapes, floral imagery, landmarks, etc. are great choices of paintings, they may not be right for your space. If you want to revamp a room without disrupting its vibe, abstract paintings are a sure shot. Decide on a color palette you wish to follow for a particular room you are looking to decorate and look for abstract art that features those colors. At Artecasso, you can get handmade canvas paintings in a size of your choice - from full wall paintings to small ones - to suit the decor of your space. You can also opt for a set of two or choose multiple paintings to create a gallery wall.

Embrace the elegance of canvas prints

If canvas paintings are not for you, there are other wall art options that you can pursue. Limited edition canvas prints are another excellent choice to give your bare walls a grand makeover without going over your budget. Canvas prints are easier to maintain when compared to handmade paintings, which allows you to get a little more experimental with their placements. 

Luxury canvas prints from Artecasso are beautiful and look very similar to handmade paintings. These limited edition prints are ideal for any living space and blend right in with existing interior styles. Our abstract canvas prints are also excellent for creating gallery walls, to give your room a fun and dynamic look. You can also get custom prints for your space featuring your favorite images- from a scene from your favorite book to a limited edition copy of your favorite painting.

Let your walls sparkle with resin art

For the ultimate grandiose, resin wall art is the way to go. This statement wall art featuring colored, cured resin and beautiful crystals and geodes are undoubtedly one of the best things you’d invest in this new year. 

Resin wall art is quirky, artistic, and utterly bewitching and has the ability to transform your room into a spectacular living space. If you have a bare wall that is fit to feature resin art, don’t let the opportunity pass by.

Getting started

Wall arts are a great way to modify your living space. Not only do they add a pop of color to your rooms, but also make your home look more expensive with minimal effort. 

If you are unsure where to start and need help with sizing your wall art, you can contact us by call or Whatsapp and give us the approximate dimensions of your space along with a picture. Our team will then provide you with mock-ups featuring statement wall art, gallery setup, or full wall art so that you will have a better idea of the proportions and make the right art purchase. So don’t wait! Reach us at Artecasso today.

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