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Get Your Home Summer Ready With Cool Blue Wall Artworks

Artecasso painting


The UAE summers have come in earnest and it's time to turn your home into a sanctuary from the heat. If you are looking for an interesting and easy way to get your space ready for summer, we recommend playing with some cool blue tones for your wall art. To get started, why not get a handmade painting in shades of blue?

Ask any expert interior designer and they will tell you how blue decor can refresh and revive your rooms, making them feel cool and comfortable enough to beat the heat. The blue color is known to have a soothing effect on people, relieving stress and promoting relaxation. The color signifies freshness and serenity according to color psychology. As blue is the color associated with sky and water, we tend to perceive it as a cooling shade that can bring the temperature down by a notch when it’s part of our rooms.

To truly embrace and give your walls a summer upgrade, here are a few ideas from Artecasso.

A slice of summer on your wall

Blue is a wonderful hue that has the right balance of richness and subtlety. As a nature-inspired color, blue is everywhere around us. From the deep blue of the sky on a cloudless summer day to the calm, aqua shades of the sea, we are all familiar with the diversity of this color.

While there are many ways to introduce the color blue into your interiors, today we are focusing solely on wall arts. Artworks of any kind- may it be a handmade painting, a canvas print, or even a vivid photographs- can all work well to give your rooms a lively splash of blue without disrupting any of the other elements in that space. So here are some ideas to stop feeling the summer blues and feel oh so cool at home every day-

  • Sun, sand, and the sea

Aquatic paintings, canvas prints, and photographs are a no-brainer to get the blue shades onto your wall and kill the heat. Not only are these wall arts effective in giving off the blue energy, but marine images on your wall are also a great way to escape into a refreshing landscape without moving away from your couch. Now sip on that iced tea while admiring your favorite aquatic artwork and lose yourself to the power of blues!

  • Fly high in the clear skies

Azure is a wonderful shade of blue that depicts the color of summer skies. If you are a fan of the clear, open skies, but want to stay away from the burning sun, decorate your walls with sceneries that celebrate the vast expanse of the sky above. Open your heart and your home to the Azure tones to get closest to the heavens while you relax in the comfort of your home.

  • Abstract wonders in blue

If sceneries are not your cup of tea, there is a way to introduce artworks in blue tones to your wall without bringing a piece of nature home. Opt for abstract paintings or canvas prints that bring out the intensity of the color blue, without overwhelming your senses. Abstract wall arts are also ideal for contemporary homes where landscapes clash with the interior settings.

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