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Find Your Spirit Animal Art For Your Home

Animal painting for sale, horse painting


As imaginative souls, many of us often associate ourselves with animals that embody our quirks and spirit. The concept of “spirit animal” or animal guides has been particularly prominent in some indigenous tribes, particularly the Native American culture and Pagan and Wiccan spirituality.

Today spirit animals are increasingly used to depict a strong affiliation or identification with people. Although many use spirit animals as a humorous symbolism, many times it does hold some subconscious meaning. This is why we recommend finding unique artwork of your spirit animal for your home. Hanging a handmade painting or print of your spirit animal at your home will help you reveal your true essence. Introducing animal wall art will also make you connect with the natural world, all the while paying homage to your inner self.

If you are looking for some animal paintings online, here are some of our favorite picks from our collection-

Animal painting for sale

Courage by Claudia Montes

Let your personality roar with this stunning wall art from our collection. The lion is your spirit animal if you are a courageous person who takes the lead wherever you go. The lion spirit is a sign of leadership, courage, strength, and assertiveness. If you think a lion is a powerful animal and its spirit calls to you, it can be interpreted as a positive representation of your strength of character and self-confidence. Bring home this beautiful artwork today to embrace its power completely.

animal wall art

Falcon by Claudia Montes

The falcon is a beautiful artwork featuring the UAE’s national bird. A symbol of force and courage, the falcon holds a special meaning for the region’s tradition and culture. According to animal symbolism, the falcon spirit represents the awakening of your mind, making you vigilant and transforming you inside and out. This animal spirit stands for agility, aspiration, determination, focus, grace, freedom, and purpose, making it a kindred spirit of a person displaying similar qualities and strength of character. Take home this one-of-a-kind handcrafted painting to feel one with your spirit animal.

horse painting

Pony by Ehsan Rahmati


horse painting


Bronco by Claudia Montes

The horse is undoubtedly a majestic animal that embodies nobility, independence, endurance, confidence, triumph, and freedom. A universal symbol of freedom without restrictions, the horse is your spirit animal if you desire and embark on adventures, discovering the world around you and one’s true self within. If the horse is your animal guide and speaks to your soul, why not hang an alluring artwork depicting this magnificent creature at your home? Our online wall art collection holds multiple handmade paintings of horses for you to choose from.


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