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Fawning Over Floral Designs: Ideas For Your Home Decor

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Floral designs are an evergreen choice for interior decoration. It can be something simple and classy as a vase on the mantle with a fresh bunch of flowers, your favorite floral-patterned china, or even a statement piece like a handmade canvas painting of flowers in full bloom- the versatility of floral designs gives you endless ways to work with it. Only flowers can truly enrich your life and your homes with a variety of colors, shapes, patterns, and scents. 

If flowers and floral designs are your things, here are some more inspirational ideas that can elevate your home-

Let stunning blossoms take over

There are many ways to introduce flowers and floral patterns into your interiors. Here are some traditional ideas with a twist that can make flowers speak for you in your living space-

  • Speak your mind with fresh cut flowers

  • The language of flowers tells us that every flower represents something unique. For instance, carnations are symbolic of a mother’s love, making them one of the most gifted flowers on mother’s day. Similarly, the red rose represents love, while the white rose evokes the feeling of innocence and purity. So if you are a fan of fresh-cut flowers, why not get the flower that speaks your mind on a particular day? What better way to let your loved ones know how much you care for them or appreciate them in your life!

  • Make a statement with floral wall art

  • Handmade paintings, canvas prints, posters, photographs- there are many ways for you to introduce floral wall art in your home. There is something quite sophisticated about floral canvas paintings; subtle yet powerful. However, if you prefer something more realistic, a custom canvas print or a photograph may be the way to go. Whatever you choose, don’t shy away from adorning your walls with floral wall art.

  • Breathe life into your interiors with floral patterned fabric

  • There is no need to limit the use of floral patterned fabric in your bedroom. While floral printed bedspreads are common, people rarely get the floral patterned fabric to cover their living room furniture. To keep the decor look clean and classy, you can mix and match the use of floral patterns. For instance, if your couch is flower-patterned, use solid-colored cushions to go with it and vice versa. If you are not a huge fan of getting floral prints to cover entire furniture, you can also opt for floral patterned lace to use as table runners and daytime curtains.

  • Let your walls bloom

  • You can always get bold by choosing floral wallpaper for your home. The best way to work with floral wallpaper is by setting up a single statement wall and finding matching solid-colored wall art and other decor elements to go with it. To go all out with your floral wall idea, you can also reach out to our team to get a custom full wall painting.

    To pull off the floral ideas to their best, ensure that every element in the room matches. Coordinating a floral look for your interiors is easy if you have an eye for aesthetics. Create contracts by pairing floral patterns with solid colors, work with neutral colors for a subtle look and pack a punch with a pattern on pattern. At the end of the day, the rule is to elevate the look and feel of your home while keeping it in tune with YOUR personality.

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