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Evoke Emotions With Your Wall Art

wall art for your home

Ever wondered why people buy wall art? It may be a luxury handmade painting or a fun canvas print; in every sense, wall art can have a profound effect on our minds. We, humans, can see and perceive much more than we realize. When we see something that catches our attention, there is something instinctive about the way our feelings change. 

Imagine that you walked into a room where a large abstract painting is hanging on the wall. Whether you could immediately identify what it depicts or not, you will spend some time wondering about the wordless story it tells. That is what makes wall arts powerful.

Interested to learn more? In this blog, let’s try to understand the psychology behind wall arts and our emotions-

  • Modifying a space

  • Wall arts such as paintings or canvas prints are utilized by interior designers or decorators to modify a blank living space. There are many ways to introduce wall art into a room. Bigger rooms with a lot of wall space can benefit from a single statement piece or multiple wall arts hung in a saloon-style. Bringing a large art piece or multiple paintings/prints into a big space will increase the dynamic energy of the room. In other words, make things “happening”.

    But more is not always merrier. Smaller, compact spaces need smaller wall art pieces to keep the balance of the “white space”, allowing people to take in everything at a comfortable pace. 

  • Sense of harmony/discord

  • Carefully selecting the right kind of wall art for your space will help you create a sense of harmony between all the elements in the room. For this, you must consider factors like the wall color, existing decor, size of the room, style, and size of the art piece. Introducing a random piece of art into a room without considering the space will make people feel bothered or uneasy when they enter the room.

  • Impact of colors

  • When choosing wall art, be very considerate of its color palette. Colors can influence people's moods, making them happy, gloomy, calm, or agitated. For instance, bright colors are considered joyful and inviting, while pastels create a calm and tranquil feeling. Shades of red are considered romantic and passionate, making wall arts using that color palette ideal for bedrooms. So, when choosing a painting or canvas print for your rooms, consider its color palette and the feeling you wish to evoke with it.

  • Visual storytelling

  • Did you know that art can kick start conversations? Every picture or painting will affect people- either calming them down or exciting them. Even abstract paintings that don't have a concrete idea will incite some kind of emotional response in people. They tell a story that cannot be put into words. This is why interior designers often recommend vibrant wall arts for living rooms, where you entertain guests, and calming images for the bedroom to ensure that the inhabitants feel well-rested in that environment. 

    Art and emotions

    Art, especially wall arts like paintings, canvas prints, and photographs have the ability to invite people into them. A well-crafted image allows the viewer to mentally walk into it and experience the very feeling it is trying to communicate. With that understanding, be sure to look for and choose wall art that speaks to you the next time you are shopping for your home. 

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