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Design Ideas For A Stunning Gallery Wall

Canvas Art For Your Home and Office


Everybody loves a good gallery wall. This beautiful and fun way of displaying paintings, prints, and photos is an evergreen home decor that is suitable for all homes. A well-laid gallery wall creates visual interest and holds the room together. Gallery walls are not just a pretty sight, but it is also a wonderful way to display your favorite wall art.

If you have a collection of handmade paintings, canvas prints, or other wall art pieces that you want to display at your home, here are -- design ideas to create the perfect gallery wall.

  • The gallery wall above the sofa

If you have a wide-open wall behind your living room sofa, utilize the space to create a stunning gallery wall. Choose paintings, prints, and wall art pieces that suit the style of the room. Lay out the pieces on a flat surface according to the design in your mind before hanging the pictures on the wall. This will allow you to visualize how the gallery will look once it's completed. If you are satisfied with the design, you can go ahead and hang them.

  • Minimalist gallery wall

Are you a fan of minimalism? Then a minimalist gallery wall is right up your alley. Choose simple, abstract paintings and canvas prints that go well with your interiors. However, remember to keep the number of pieces to a maximum of 4 or 5 to ensure that the arrangement doesn’t look cluttered. Additionally, the wall art pieces should ideally have simple frames or gallery wraps to get a clean, sophisticated, and minimalistic look.

  • Classic gallery wall

A classic gallery wall has an old-school charm about it. Using a mix of vintage and modern art pieces, in various sizes and frames, your gallery wall looks fun and vibrant. However, it is easy to clutter your wall when you mix and match materials and colors. One way to keep the gallery wall simple is by choosing an assortment of wall arts that follow a common theme.

  • Miscellaneous gallery wall

Your gallery wall doesn't have to be limited to displaying canvas paintings and prints. If you have a collection of vintage objects such as lanterns, tapestries, mirrors, or macrame wall hangings, you can create a miscellaneous mixed-media gallery wall. Start by creating a layout for your paintings, prints, and photographs. Depending upon the available space and gaps between the art pieces, hang up the objects to create a quirky ensemble.

  • A cozy corner gallery wall

If you like to leave most of your wall space bare, a cozy corner gallery wall is a fun way to keep things interesting in your living space. Choose a narrow wall space in your living room and set up a gallery wall using your wall art collection, close to the corner. Add a corner table, a single sofa, and a houseplant or two to bring the look together. Remember to choose a mix of small and medium-sized paintings/ prints to display to make the gallery wall look work.

  • A vibrant wall

If you are a fan of vibrant prints, patterns, and colors, go for a vibrant gallery wall featuring abstract paintings and prints. As fun and dynamic as this sound, it works best if you choose to hang two to three pieces in bold and bright patterns on a light colored wall to keep the gallery wall eye-catching and interesting.

Are you ready to set up a gallery wall?

Our list is not exhaustive as there are so many different ways to set up a good gallery wall. We know each collection is different and calls for a unique layout that helps the art pieces to shine. So study your wall art collection, evaluate your wall space, do some research and create the perfect gallery wall that suits your space and personal style. If you are looking for more handmade abstract paintings or luxury canvas prints, check out our collection today.


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