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Canvas Painting Or Print? Make The Right Choice

Limited edition canvas prints from Artecasso

Every beautiful home needs stunning wall art to adorn the space. While there are a lot of options to choose from, most people prefer to have a statement painting on their walls. But, does it always have to be a handmade oil painting for it to be special? What if you prefer something a little more affordable or wish to have a painting whose original is not available? In such situations, a luxury canvas print could be an equally marvelous addition to your interiors.

With that said, there are visible differences between canvas paintings and prints. In this blog, let us learn some of them so that you have a clear idea of what to expect when buying wall art for your home.

Painting or print: How to identify? 

Differentiating a painting from a canvas print is not rocket science. Even the most accurately printed canvas image will have some differences from the original painting. Here is how they differ-

  • Texture matters
  • Most handmade paintings will have brushstrokes that can either be seen or felt. Brushstrokes trace the path made by the paint on the canvas, showcasing slightly raised ridges on the canvas. However, some artists work by creating countless layers of thin translucent pigments to create a more blended painting, which eliminates all evidence of their brushstroke. Such paintings will have a smooth lacquer surface to them, similar to a canvas print.

    Even if the brushstrokes are absent, there are other ways to differentiate between a painting and a canvas print.

  • Telltale signs of boundary
  • A handmade painting will usually extend beyond the portion that is seen on the frame. The artist is usually mindless about the actual border of the image as he or she is focused on converting the image in their mind onto the canvas. So seepages and ragged ends are part of an original painting. 

  • Edition number
  • If you are particularly interested in a limited edition canvas print wall art, it may have an edition number, usually printed in the margin. This signifies that the print is one of the limited numbers of prints made of that particular painting and is therefore unique in its way. However, if you need a custom canvas print, it will not have an edition number as it is not a limited edition print.

  • Artist signature
  • If you are buying a handmade painting, it will most likely have the artist’s signature. Although this may be transferred to a print as well, it won’t hold any value. This doesn’t mean that having a printed copy is a bad idea; it just doesn’t hold the same value as the original artwork. 


    Whether you choose to buy a handmade painting, limited edition canvas print, or a custom print, ultimately it all comes down to what you want on your wall. Having a wall art that you love and relate to is more important than the kind you finally choose. If you are looking for unique abstract paintings and limited edition canvas prints for your living space, check out this website today to find exquisite artworks that will be delivered to your doorstep.

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