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Canvas Art - What Works Best For Custom Prints

luxury canvas print

Luxury canvas prints are one of the hottest interior decor items that everyone is investing in. Today, online luxury art companies like us curate unique and artistic prints, offering a wide variety of canvas prints to choose from. Custom canvas prints are also offered, using high-quality materials, providing a lot of opportunities for homeowners to choose an image of their choice that goes well with their interiors.

With that said, not every image is suitable for a luxury canvas print. There are some kinds of images that don't work well as canvas art. To help you understand what works well and what doesn’t when it comes to custom canvas prints, here is a simple guideline from our art curators-

Canvas prints- What works

The right kind of luxury canvas print can make a statement on your walls. Here is a simple guideline to choose images that goes well as canvas prints-

  • High-quality images

When you ask us to turn your favorite painting, photo, design, or any other image into a canvas print, the most important thing is to have a high-quality digital copy of the same. An image with a dot per inch (DPI) or high pixels per inch (PPI) and a large file size. Such an image can be easily edited by shrinking or cropping to fit the canvas frame without losing any sharpness or color detail.

  • The right image

Not every home needs a handmade oil painting hanging above its sofa. As original canvas paintings are a little bit on the expensive side, many people turn to luxury canvas prints instead. So if you want an artistic element added to your living space, you can consider turning your favorite abstract painting into a canvas print. You can also experiment by turning your favorite family portraits or a scene from your favorite movie or children’s book into a canvas print to add a bit of quirkiness to your home walls. 

  • Keep your existing decor in mind

Before you turn your favorite image or painting into a canvas print, spend some time deciding where you want this art piece to go. Consider factors like the wall color, position of furniture, and other decor elements in the room, and think whether they all work well together with the image you have in your mind. For instance, a monochrome canvas print can go well in a minimalistic setting that doesn’t use a lot of colorful elements. Otherwise, we would advise you to consider matching the dominant color of your existing decor to match the color palette of the image you are considering.


Canvas prints- The whatnots

  • The subject 

When we say anything can be turned into a canvas print, luxury prints would give that ‘oomph’ factor for certain subjects. Images of an abstract painting, a whimsical poster design, or high-quality, artistic photo of your favorite people, palace, or things are certainly a class apart. While some people do turn an everyday image or their children’s artworks into canvas prints, they are less likely to add an artistic value to your settings. 

Similarly, an overly personal image, like candids of you and your partner or pictures of you without your shirt at a beach is never a great idea to be turned into a canvas print. We also don’t encourage images where the subject is too small and doesn’t fill the frame as it won’t make an impact as a great canvas print.


  • Blurry images

Many people consider blurry images as fun ‘art’ pieces. Although it's fine to go on your Instagram, a blurry picture is not artistic enough for your wall, whatever you may tell yourself! A blurry image will be a larger blurry image if printed on a canvas. There is nothing “luxurious” about it. Period. This is true for low-quality images as well.


Luxury canvas prints at Artecasso

While custom canvas prints give our clients a chance to experiment and turn their best pictures into luxury canvas prints, if you are looking for prints that give the vibe of an authentic art piece, you can browse our existing collection. Reach out to us today to know more about our unique canvas prints delivered to your doorstep.

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