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Can Hanging Up Art In Your Home Make You Happier And Healthier?

Health benefits of art

Wall arts are one of the best visual elements you can have at your home to spice up your interiors. Having the right canvas painting or print is like having an extension of your energy, feelings, and expressions on the wall. Although many people believe that art only serves the purpose of adding beauty to a room, there is much more to it. 

Did you know that having wall art in your home comes with health benefits? Studies show that people who view art experience a surge of dopamine, the happy chemical, in the brain, resulting in feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. Let us learn more-

Art can reduce stress and uplift your mood

Had a stressful day at work? Or did you argue with your loved one that put you in a bad mood all day? Sit back and look at your favorite wall art to help you calm down and unwind!

Having the right canvas painting or print, especially one that triggers happy memories can uplift your mood and make you feel calmer in a matter of minutes. However, it goes both ways. Having the wrong wall art can also make a bad mood worse. So, to help bring some happiness into your home and your life, search for art pieces that evoke joy in every sense and hang them in your living room.

Help you cope with grief and fight depression

Grief is a strong emotion that people take a lot of time to overcome. Many people who are trying to cope with grief take up creative hobbies due to their therapeutic effects. Looking at wall art, especially one that invokes joy, can also have a similar effect on the viewer, helping them break free of the gripping sadness.

Studies also show that having artworks like canvas paintings around the house helps people struggling with depression. Beautiful paintings help trigger the release of dopamine in the brain, which stops people from falling into a negative spiral and helps them refocus their train of thoughts. However, it is once again important to have pleasant wall art that acts as a visual cue to bring peace and joy and avoid any dark and disturbing images around the house. 

Helps improve general psychological well being

Even if you don’t have any mental health issues, having great artwork in your living space will help improve your general psychological well-being. People experience enhanced feelings of love, joy, and peace when they look at their favorite wall art as it works as a positive reinforcement in their lives. Experts also recommend having pleasant art pieces like a vibrant abstract painting or a soothing canvas print in your living room or bedroom to give you a sense of control over your emotions and empower you to make better decisions.

Art helps you express yourself and inspire creativity

Having wall art at your home is undoubtedly a quick way to get your creativity flowing. Your favorite canvas paintings and prints depict a part of your energy and personality. Many people express their hopes, beliefs, and feelings through the wall art they hang at home, making it an extension of themselves that they want to share with the world. Just as you bare your soul through the right artwork, it can also help you stay inspired all day long. 


Having the right wall art makes your home complete. At the same time, it can also positively influence your mood and impact your mental health in the long run. So don’t hesitate to choose stunning wall art that can help your mind heal while bringing your living space together. Not sure where to look for some fine art pieces? Check out our extensive collection of handmade paintings and limited edition canvas prints today.


  • I really love how you said that investing for an art piece that deeply connects with you is a good way for you to get inspired. Recently, my wife and I are delving into art pieces for once in a while. We thought that it’s a good idea to have some of them on our walls, because they can bring either a relaxing or a compelling feeling. That being said, we’ll try to match the paintings to the aesthetic of our house, so we’ll definitely try to find the best modern paintings in town that connects with our personality.

    Luke Smith
  • It is so good to know that having art canvases or prints on your wall at home can uplift your mood and help you feel calmer. My husband and I want to make our home a peaceful space where we can relax. We’ll have to find beautiful artwork from a gallery that reflects our values and creates an uplifting atmosphere.

    Charlotte Fleet

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