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Brighten Your Home And Your Mind With Wall Art

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For a long time, people believed that wall arts are simply pieces of decor that can add color and some dimension to your interiors. Bringing home a stunning and valuable piece of art was viewed as a symbol of wealth and status, a wonderful investment that sets you apart from the rest while brightening the walls of your home.

But today we know that wall arts are much more than decorations and displays of wealth. Science tells us that having wall arts, especially beautiful canvas paintings, can not only elevate the look and feel of your home but also improve your overall mental wellbeing! Multiple studies confirmed the mental health benefits of viewing art - from reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety to increasing the feelings of love and empathy.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? In this article, we will explore more how art influences our mind and wellbeing, thereby making our lives better.

A splash of color to brighten your days

Of the different kinds of arts, wall arts like canvas paintings and prints are the most popular due to two main reasons. One, they are highly versatile and can evoke various emotions in people and even influence the vibe and energy in a room where it’s displayed. Two, wall arts can be displayed in multiple locations throughout a home/office, inviting the attention of many viewers at the same time. In short, there is nothing like wall art that can effectively stimulate the brain just by idle viewing. 

  • Expressing repressed emotions

Mental health professionals believe and often vouch that viewing art helps people express their emotions better. This is especially true with people suffering from mental trauma, who repress their feelings as an unconscious coping mechanism. Looking at simple and serene wall art, like scenery or a flowy abstract painting for some time can help these people express their feelings and experiences better, which are too difficult to put into words otherwise. Having wall art in your home, therefore, helps you sort through your feelings better and thereby holds you back from going into a negative spiral.

  • Releases happy hormones

In 2011, Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist at the University College London conducted a series of brain-mapping experiments. He noted that looking at art can trigger a surge of the feel-good chemical called dopamine. This “happy hormone” is released into the orbitofrontal cortex of the brain, which makes a person feel intense pleasure.

In simple terms, we can say that viewing a calming or joyful artwork can make you feel giddy and energetic. If wall art can act like a happy pill, won’t you hang some of your favorite ones at your home or workplace?

  • Improve your sense of accomplishment

Looking at art is found to be a highly effective way to de-stress and control your thought process as it normalizes blood pressure levels and reduces the cortisol (stress hormone) levels in your body. Subsequently, having the right wall art around your home or workplace can also improve your focus and concentration, boost your drive, increase your productivity and make you feel more accomplished in life.

  • Inspires imagination and creativity

Wall art also inspires you to be more creative as it sparks the imagination. Having bright and lively paintings around in your living room or office lobby is a great way to encourage new ideas and help you process them effectively. 

  • Promotes critical thinking

Viewing a wall art intently and exploring its theme from multiple perspectives will help build and enhance critical thinking skills in people. Therapists often encourage their patients to have some artwork around their homes as it can help them think more clearly and rationally, improving their everyday problem-solving skills.

  • Evoke feelings of empathy
  • Apart from your mental wellness, art makes you kinder and thoughtful of others. Studies reveal that people who are constantly around artworks are more open to different opinions and try to put themselves in others' shoes. In short, viewing art can make you more empathetic and kind, making you a better person. What better reason do you need to be around wall arts?

    Wall art- a powerful visual tool

    Wall art- whether it is a unique handmade painting or a replica/ custom canvas print of your favorite image- is a simple, yet powerful visual aid that works wonders to the way you think, feel, ideate, or even articulate. However, it is important to buy the right kind of wall art for your living space or office to get the right results. 

    Never purchase wall art to just fill up your walls. Like the saying “too many cooks spoil the broth,” it nullifies your efforts for building a better state of mind. Likewise, never buy a piece of art that doesn’t resonate with you. It is important that you love and like to look at the wall art that you bring into your space as it is going to be around you all the time. Additionally, ensure that there are no distracting displays of art around your workstation to keep your mind focused.

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