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Art For Your Zodiac Sign: Everything You Need To Know

Art by Bore Minov | Artecasso


For a long, people thought of Astrology as a limiting pseudoscience that caused people to lose sight of what’s important in life. However, astrology was never a science and it doesn’t need to be. For many individuals, astrology can articulate ideas that are difficult to put into words. Astrology can also be considered a tool that can help people increase their self-awareness and validate their self-concept. It also helps them to engage in non-critical self-reflection, enabling them to be better versions of themselves. 

Art and astrology have always been intricately woven and have a natural connection. Astrology can impart a broader understanding of ideas and ways to express them through art.  Many also believe that art and astrology build a bridge between heaven and the earth, by sharing a desire for cosmic harmony. So, by bringing home wall art that shares this harmony with your zodiac sign, you will empower your life in surprising ways!

To help set you up with the wall art that is destined for you, we did a little stargazing and matched it with our collection. Here is what you should buy according to your zodiac sign-

The Earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo

People born under the earth sign are pragmatic and have unwavering self-discipline. Earth signs are often said to be very grounded and hardworking, plowing their way till they achieve their goals. Individuals born under earth signs are also loyal companions who are always there for their friends and family.

So when earth signs decide to invest in wall art, they should opt for handmade canvas paintings or prints of trees, forests, and sceneries with a lot of foliage. Botanical wall arts are personifications of the earth sign’s drive and groundedness. If you wish to spice up your aesthetics, you can also hang photographs of friends and family around the house apart from fine art.

The Air signs: Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra

Air signs are people who thrive on meeting others, exploring places, and opening up to new ideas. Individuals born under this sign also have a thirst for knowledge and vivid imagination, often choosing creative career paths. Air signs are also the happiest of all elements and have a known affinity toward the color yellow.

If you are an air sign, you can opt for travel-themed decor, including wall art. Abstract paintings featuring shades of yellow or prints featuring sunshine, zesty lemons, or sunflower fields also fit perfectly with their personalities.

The Water signs: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio

Water signs are said to be empathetic. They are nurturers and can always be relied on for support and sound advice. They also rely on their instinct over rationality. However, their over-sensitivity causes them to suffer in silence and hence need something that can anchor them to reality.

For people born underwater signs, abstract paintings featuring shades of blue are a great fit for their personalities. You may also opt for paintings or prints of ships, boats, or harbors that depict the idea of anchoring back to the shore to bring some stability to your life.

The Fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius 

Fire signs burn with energy and passion. The individuals born under this sign are adventurous, spontaneous and up for challenges at the drop of a hat. However, occasionally they tend to turn hot-headed and blinded by determination.

To mirror the enthusiasm of fire signs, vibrant abstract paintings or prints are an excellent choice for their homes. At the same time, they must also consider investing in wall arts featuring seascapes or lakeside as an aesthetic remedy to cool and calm their energy when necessary.

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