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Art Class 101: Unveil The Mystery Of Abstract Art

Abstract art

Abstract art is a genre of art that is ambiguous and lacks an objective representation. Due to its multifaceted nature, many find it difficult to understand and appreciate. 

So what is abstract art?

This unique art can be defined as a painting, sculpture, photography or design that opposes figurative art which directly resembles anything and chooses a non-linear visual representation to depict the same. Renowned artists like Helen Frankenthaler, Wassily Kandinsky, Mark Rothko, Zao Wou-Ki and Piet Mondrian were pioneers in conceiving new abstract techniques or using abstraction in unconventional ways over the last century. Today, even new and upcoming artists are drawn towards the dynamic nature of abstract art, making it an expanding and ever-evolving genre.

Understanding abstract paintings

As mentioned before, abstract paintings are not truthful representations of an object, person or situation, but rather a non-linear and multi-dimensional depiction of it. These paintings pull away from literal representations by allowing the audience to escape reality. Artists explore and interpret themes or ideas that they connect beyond the boundaries of physical reality and try to capture its essence on canvas. This is why most abstract paintings may appear like child’s play to untrained minds.

Almost all abstract paintings are vastly open to interpretations. When conceiving and creating an abstract painting, the artist leaves the image to be partially or completely non-representational; which means that sometimes the viewer has a clearer idea of what is being depicted, while at other times, it is completely left to his or her imagination.

Over the centuries, abstraction has been explored by artists in different ways. As a result of its dynamic nature, this art form has taken different forms such as surrealism, neoplasticism, expressionism or cubism. All of these artistic movements and styles had specific characteristics that are still being widely studied to understand everything from their socio-political relevance to lifestyle depiction.

What makes abstract painting popular?

The beauty of an abstract painting is its ambiguity. Every painting can be explored and explained in numerous ways. There is no single answer in an abstract painting. The artist opens up various paths into his work through strokes and splashes on the canvas and invites the audience to discover what they seek. Experts say that abstraction offers the highest levels of artistic freedom, allowing artists to depict anything from spiritualism, fantasy, materiality to psychology and emotions.

Why add abstract paintings to your collection?

With the rise of digital tools and media, there are numerous ways in which artists can create and propagate abstract art. However, there is still an undeniable charm in collecting handcrafted abstract paintings, as they are the rawest representation of an artist’s specific narrative.

When choosing abstract paintings for your home, have a clear vision as to what emotion you want to elicit through it. Abstract paintings can connect with people and evoke deep emotional responses in them. So, if you are buying abstract art for your living room, make sure to choose a hand made oil painting with bold strokes and great colour contrast that speak of fun and joy or a one with subtle muted tones that evoke calmness and clarity, depending upon the energy you want to portray in the room. At the end of the day, choose an oil painting that calls out to you and brings all the textural elements in the room together.

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