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A Simple Guide For Gifting Fine Art This Christmas

paintings for gifting


Want to find the perfect gift for your art lover family/ friend this holiday season? Then you have come to the right place!

If you are one of those people who go the extra mile to bring joy into your loved ones’ lives by giving them thoughtful gifts, this is the right time to look at wall art as a wonderful option this Christmas.

Artworks, especially handmade paintings, and canvas prints are timeless gifts for any occasion. Gifting artwork to your loved ones shows your thoughtfulness and effort, and undoubtedly conveys how much you care for them. So are you ready to start?

Before you buy the next pretty piece of art you see online to give to someone special, there are a few things you must keep in mind. To help you find the right gift, here are a few tips and recommendations from our art consultants in Dubai.

Top Tips For Gifting Wall Art This Holiday Season

  • What does your recipient like?
  • You know that your friend/ family has an eye for the finer things in life. But how well do you know their likes and interests? If you are planning to gift wall art, especially something as unique as a handmade painting, it’s important to look into their taste. 

    What kind of person is your loved one? Do they enjoy fun, vibrant and lively surroundings? Or are they reserved, traditional, and homely? Is their home modern and minimalistic or is it more eclectic or rustic? If you have known them for a long time, you can look into their passion and hobbies. You can even consider their style and vibe and look for artworks that could resonate with their energy.

  • Do they have specific interests when it comes to art?
  • If the recipient of your gift is an avid art lover, you may have more insight into what they like when it comes to art. Chances are that they may prefer a particular art style or are looking to add artwork from a specific genre. If you are gifting a close friend or family, you can talk to their spouse or children to see if they can give you some ideas. On the other hand, if you are looking to buy art as a gift for your partner, you can subtly bring it up in conversation to know exactly what they are looking for. Once you have information regarding these, you can check out paintings and prints accordingly.

  • Have an idea about their space
  • Since wall art is something that takes up space, it’s best if you have an idea of available space in their homes where your artwork can go. So before you go online and buy stunning wall art, visit their place and do a casual check of the wall space they have. This will also help you understand their interiors better and what goes well with the space. If they have large open walls where artworks can be displayed in full glory, you can opt for bigger paintings or prints. If they live in a smaller space or don't have much open space, you can consider getting smaller artwork.

  • Consider giving groupings
  • If your recipient doesn’t have a specific style or has an interest in a lot of things, you can try giving gifts in a group. For instance, instead of a single statement wall art, you can consider giving a few smaller pieces that can be hung as a small gallery collection or that can be rotated and displayed in a smaller space. You can also combine artwork with other decor elements such as a candle for the mantle or small indoor plants such as bonsai. The idea behind these is to help your loved one set up a space with your gifts that seamlessly blend into their interiors and feels more natural.

  • Buy locally
  • When buying art for gifting, it’s best to buy locally. Today, many local artists provide quality, handcrafted paintings which are much more valuable than prints of classic artworks seen thousand times over. So, before you go online looking for artworks from outside the country and importing them, check out our online art store in the UAE featuring a unique collection of handmade paintings and canvas prints that are sure to brighten any living space or office. You can also get your hands on your favorite pieces of art at competitive pricing or commission wall art for your loved ones today.

    You can browse our collection of handmade canvas paintings and canvas prints here. Happy holidays!

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