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A Beginner's Guide To Buying Wall Art

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Art appreciation is an acquired taste. As a beginner, collecting wall art for your home may seem like an overwhelming prospect. While the thought of decorating your walls with beautiful handmade paintings and canvas prints is exciting, choosing the right one for your space could be confusing as well. This is nothing to be worried about; because finding a piece of wall art you love is a little like learning more about yourself. So take some time and follow our guidelines to find wall art that speaks to you and has a place on your walls.

Are you a new art collector?

As a new art collector, there are certain things you should do before investing in a painting/ canvas print. Here are 7 important things to do before buying a wall art-

  • Figure out your taste 

Figuring out your taste in art is vital before buying art. The more you educate yourself by familiarising yourself with different types of painting styles and learning about artists, the more you will understand what you like. It is always a great idea to visit a museum or an art gallery to see a wide range of artworks first hand. You can also research on the internet to learn more about emerging artists, art styles, and what’s in trend. 

More often than not, your taste will evolve as you learn more about art. You may fall in love with landscapes in the beginning but may later develop a liking for abstract paintings. Remember that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to art. So take time to appreciate art before buying one to avoid any regrets.

  • Determine your motive for buying wall art

Determine what kind of art you are buying before you start your search. Are you looking to buy wall art simply because you love it or because you want a piece that is chic and modern to suit your home interiors? Or are you looking to buy art as an investment?

You can buy art for different reasons. If you are buying a piece that you love, it will be a simple, straightforward purchase. All you have to do is have a budget and find an art piece that you resonate with within your price range. However, if your reason for buying art is based on long-term value, it requires some serious thinking. For a beginner, especially, you may require the help of a professional art curator or interior designer to help you make a sound buy.

  • Set a budget

Setting a budget in terms of what you can afford is a great way to not overspend and regret later on. However, keep in mind that your budget is not absolute. For instance, if you find an art piece that you love, but a little outside the price range, don’t worry too much about staying inside your budget. If you can still afford the wall art, trust your instincts and make a purchase. 

When calculating your budget, you need to be prepared to spend a little more than the actual price of the wall art on expenses like shipping or insurance. To avoid shipping costs, you should consider buying wall art from a local gallery or online store.

  • Research thoroughly before making a purchase

Like with every other commodity, wall art will also be put on sale now and then. When that happens, some of the works that you have been eyeing for a while may be available for a better price. 

So before you make a purchase, talk to other art enthusiasts and reach out to galleries or online art companies to know more about the wall art they sell. Discuss your budget with them and see the different pieces that are available in the price range. Doing some sound research will serve as the groundwork for buying wall art that you will love and enjoy spending every dime on.

  • Evaluate your space

Last but not the least, evaluate the space you are looking to decorate with the wall art. Are you buying the art piece to match your existing interiors? Do you wish to buy a statement piece or multiple wall art pieces to create a gallery? And lastly, how much space do you have?

Many times people buy art pieces that don't quite ‘fit’ into their space. Sometimes your living space may not have enough space for large wall art. Sometimes you may invest in classic art with an ornate frame that doesn’t quite blend into your modern minimalist interior. So while it is important to love the wall art you buy, be considerate about the space where you are planning to display the piece.

Are you ready to buy?

So there you have it! 5 simple, effective, and efficient rules to buy your first wall art. Following these guidelines will ensure that you make a valuable and sensible art purchase that ticks all your boxes. 

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